Nation Announcement A Leafy Message To The Therri'cill & Aeri'cill



A Brown Cat with a letter strapped around its back arrived at the palace of Lumination.

Silver Elves

I must Apologize,
my hands are not as quick as you, young folk.
However, Unfortunate it is to witness my granddaughter
be so upset by the words of her once friends.
The friends that we've had for many years. A friend she fears, saying anything
will disturb them even more, she feared.
The friends who created an alliance with our people.
Was it not the alliance agreement to speak on a diplomatic channel about any conflicts?
Instead, you used that channel to spill foul insults at my granddaughter.

For an Azari’lunn?! If my old brain recalls,
was it not Azari’cill who started the war with Azari’lunn because of their impurities?
The same reason why many pantheons decided to become discouraged by us.
Now history repeats itself, does Azari’cill have intentions to always hurt its kin?

Therri’cill & Aeri’cill if I would recall shouldn’t we as Azari’cerr be more upset with you?
For allowing orckin within your Kingdom.
Conspiring with them at Kape Roth behind our backs.
When we remained loyal?
Why forget Azari’cerr history when it doesn’t benefit you,
but when we Azari’cerr allow the Azari’lunn in our forest?
We’re the traitors? Quite hypocritical if you asked me.

Is there a true reason you, dislike the Azari’lunn or
are you so confused with your impurities that you may forget?
However, times are changing and so must you.
Do you not recall the tower of bones that Lilith has summoned?
Do you wish to enter a war during a crisis when the world needs us the most
or would you rather take down a nation because of your inner Impurities?
I speak to you in peace Great Azari’cill,
losing a friend over a race you cannot get rid of, is losing a friend forever.


~ Na'ande Tea'luc ~
~ Visera of Mitrona ~
~ Grandmother of Mitrona ~
Could not help but let out a soft chuckle as he read through the letter. "This is it? This is their reply?-" he paused for a moment looking as if he had not missed an additional page "This delusional old hag is out of her mind. No wonder the 'empire' is in the state it is currently in." he sighed and put the letter away under a small pile of history books. "There, maybe you will learn a thing or two about our past this way. Such a disgrace to Azari society."

Knaraugh sitting on a beach somewhere near Itocapehua was looking at his new raft design. He figured that roping a bunch of sea turtles to a raft would make it go faster. The “SpeeddahFloatz” Krizzie baptised it. As he was sitting on the beach gnawing on on a seagul leg he saw his SpeeddahFloatz suddenly dive in the ocean as the seaturtles had pulled it down. Then his trusty pelican appeared carrying in his beak some stuff like some torn off papers, to keep Knaraugh up to date. As he read the announcement, slowly because Knaraugh could barely read he saw the words “Kape Roth”.
“OI KRIZZIE?! Wez made da Newz ‘gainzies, dem pointy earz goin’ at it.”