Nation Announcement A Letter from the Crown


[!] Among the many fliers that were hung around Anyjarr, copies of yet another appear among them. One with the official Nobaran seal.


With both the late Sultana and the heirs' departure from Al-Khadir, the crown falls to the third of the Nobaran children. Rayyan Adib Nobara takes the crown of the Sultanate of Anyjarr as is his right and duty.

I, Rayyan Adib Nobara, write to you now to address the rampant unrest. I will do all that is within my power to restore order and prosperity to the realm. Over the decades I have been gone from Anyjarr, my kin have grown complacent. Although I love them dearly, their failures are undeniable, however, chaos and rebellion will not undo the damage that has been done and will not restore Anyjarr. The venomous words of Esebius and this misguided rebellion will not deliver the people prosperity, but chaos. I ask the people of Anyjarr that are still loyal to stand with the crown so that we might begin rebuilding and undoing the decay that has been allowed to fester under the watch of my kin. I ask any who call themselves loyalists to take a stand.
I now write to the council and my kin that have chosen to abandon the Sultanate in its time of need, your cowardice has brought the people and those who remain loyal to the nation great strife. It saddens me greatly to find you have abandoned your post and the people you claimed to serve and care for. Aziz, my brother, your cowardice and desertion pains me especially, in this time of great turmoil, when the nation most needed your wisdom and guidance you have chosen instead to flee. Although I do not blame you for the decay of Anyjarr, you turned your back on the nation, the crown, and the people all the same.

As Sultan of Anyjarr, I make the following decrees:

The Dark elf known as Esebius is officially banished from the realm of Anyjarr and its cities for the crime of spreading lies in order to harm the realm and the Nobara family. The punishment for his crimes is death according to the law code of Anyjarr, however because he was once a loyal friend to the Nobaran family I have taken pity on him and taken only his tongue. If he is seen in Anyjarr again, the penalty is death.

The dark elf known as Qhirari is wanted for questioning and is suspected of spreading lies in order to harm the crown as well as leading a rebellion. All loyal citizens are asked to report any sightings of her and assist with her capture if able.

The dark elf known as Eol is officially banished from the realm of Anyjarr and its cities for the crimes of endorsing rebellion, desertion, and sabotage. If he is seen in Anyjarr again, the penalty is death.

The khadan known as Amon Nahhid El-Rhûnakh is officially banished from the realm of Anyjarr and its cities for the crime of endorsing and inciting rebellion. If he is seen in Anyjarr again, the penalty is death.



The Sultan of Anyjarr, Rayyan Adib Nobara.



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Eol takes hold of the flier, one of many that mentioned his name. Scrutiny fell over it's contents, and his face molds in to a scowl.

"You are no prince..." Eol spits on the floor, ripping the flier to shreds.

"Where are you, Esebius.." he then wonders to himself...
[!] Perseus reads through the announcement, starting to count on his hand [!]
"No Jundi... no council... no Kataphracts..."
[!] He grows a devilish grin with realization [!]
"Does he honestly think we won't just go in there and kill him? We've been trying to do this peacefully but if he's putting out death warrants..."
Jafar al Maliki would read this and sigh

A Khadan man would travel to a isolated camp and and would inform a tall and built dark elf, Sizz al Buthara one of the last people holding the buthara name and he would react to this news in a neutral tone, and would prepare writing a letter to him
Qholrido would stare at the announcement, before putting down his wine and moving to the Royal Courtyard the palace nearly empty of servants "My Sultan I swear my service to you. May we surive this time of strife. These rebels will pay for all they have done" he would then move back to his chamber