A letter to Arielle Il’Valyris


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[!] A letter would be sent to Zaithrall 5, in the Luminion capital. The letter would be rolled up and tied together with a pink bow [!]

"Dear Arielle Il’Valyris,"

"It has come to my attention that you're seeking a Geomancy teacher. Well, I am one and I need a student."
"I'd like to meet up with you to discuss things & so I can see if you have it in you to be my student.
"Perhaps we can meet up somewhere near Mitrona?"

"Kind regards,"

"Quinith-Rei Cyfrin"
[!] A reply would return in the hands of a young and gentle maid - albeit she would look tired and in need of a good drink. 'Mother knows why her mistress' only instruction was This is for someone named Quinith-Rei Cyfrin' [!]

When unfolded it would read:

Dear quinith-Rei Cyfrin,

Thank you for offering to teach our youngest. She has always been interested in the life that the earth beneath us springs and it would be nothing short of a blessing to have her be able to breathe magic into them and even draw upon them. She and I will be journeying to forests of Myln Arbour in one saintsday time, I hope to be able to meet with you there so we may see if she and you may be a good fit for one another. Until then, May you be guided.

Maeynor Il'Valyris