A Message of Steel and Arcane Wrath to the Eastern Traitors.


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[!] A declaration letter was spread throughout Eden



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17th of Highsun, 1530

The glade of dragons once again weeps and wanes as the Pantheon's children once again prepare to pick up the sword with the intent of bloodshed. Where it was in the year 83 before the end of the Age of Fallen Spires when the 'lunn picked up arms against their kin. It is now the Enlightened Kingdom, even though the parallels are there, the mission is not the same. Ever since our heavenly Mother and Father left Eden to fight the traitor deity Fineall in the skies above, they entrusted their children with the task of keeping our homeland free of the scourge of the traitor's children. A mission that the Enlightened Kingdom has never abandoned, even in the darkest of her hours amidst internal turmoil and religious doubt. It is a heavy burden, yet one made bearable through the support of our eastern brothers and sisters of the woodlands of Myln Arbor. Yet in recent times, the new rulers have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the taint of Fineall and thus abandoned this mission.

There is no excuse for the such blatant betrayal of the holiest of missions given to our people personally by our heavenly parents. Every historic record in the glade regarding the affairs of the Spirefall speaks of the taint that the 'lunn bear and how it acts as a poison to the minds of all pure-blooded Azari living in the glade. All I am wondering now is, how did this happen? How did the hearts and minds of house Faestra, who the head of the noble house Vidarr entrusted with the safeguarding of the forest fall so quickly for this inexcusable depravity of the impure? We have extended our hand many times to offer aid, yet it remained unanswered. Probably because this creature that once was a proud Azari'cerr is now beyond saving and knows that there is no excuse for their stance.

This is why the kingdom of Mitrona has left us with no choice but to honor the heavenly bond and once again pick up the sword to spill Azari blood in the name of safeguarding our home from the taint of Fineall's corruption. The time for negotiations is over, retribution must be had for the atrocities that have been committed against both the citizenry of the Glade of Dragons and our heavenly parents of the Pantheon. Our terms for ending this conflict have remained unchanged except for one addition;

I. we wish for the expulsion of all Azari'lunn to the west of the Spine of Eden. They are, and will not be welcomed into the glade as citizens.
II. we wish there to be a law preventing the worship of any deity besides those of the Pantheon.
III. we wish for the reinstatement of Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr, the in our eyes rightful ruler of Myln Arbor.
IV. A public apology published by the government of Mitrona for the wrongdoings committed by them.

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His Royal Majesty Aldir'tor Zaithrall
Her Royal Majesty A'mos Zaithrall
Pricecili Cirlia Zaithrall

Pricelicus Tetheris III Zaithrall
Pricelicus Respen Zaithrall
Pricelicus Feanor Elladris
Lord Regent Fynenar Aey'flir
Pricelicus Fynenar Aey'flir II
Chairlady of the Citizen Council Miriaire Aey'flir and those representing the council
who unanimously voted in favor of this conflict.
Scinari’cilus Kharis Fiztalan



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As Aldail would be looking upon the night sky through his telescope. a loud knock would be heard on the doors of the college. He'd go downstairs carefully, looking for what is the source of all the noise. Turns out a young High elf was nailing a post up by the large doorway. He'd take a better look at it, as the other High elf left after he has done his job. "Let's take a look shall we" He'd mumble quietly to himself as he read the sentences in quiet mumbles. "Sounds like we're about to win another conflict" He'd smile at the post before heading on, back inside of the college, writting up the next lesson of Astronomy lessons.


Pricecili of Luminion, Your Princess
Lying on her sick bed, Cirlia signs the declaration with as much force as she can spare. The quill falls from her hand after she finishes, clattering to the floor as she smiles weakly up at her Father. "So it is done-" A bout of coughing overtakes her body. Once it settles, her eyes are steeled as they meet Aldir'tor's own "I want Solana's head on a pike... She betrayed my offer of friendship. Hold her head high as you pass so that i may see it from my window and smile upon our victory. " With that last spoken, Cirlia's eyes flutter shut, sleeping once more.
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Kharis read over the neat declaration, the symbols and prose catching the severity of the situation. Sat in their study; comfortable in the lavish environment and the filtered, unharsh light drifting through the expanse of stained glass window. And of course, their name on the bottom. "Written into a declaration of war.." Home alone for the time being, their thoughts allowed to reach their tongue, expressed to the air.
A cat hopped up onto their lap, graceful and lithe. Large green eyes met Kharis', the movement causing the 'cill to lift the parchment a touch higher. The orange cat kneaded in place, soon curling up and resting there. A hand settled uncertainly on the soft fur, parchment lowered soon after.
Soon, their posture relaxed.
"At least I am on the right side." A notion of a smile touched their visage, marred fingers running through the fur. "My own place in history, a footnote. A presence in historical archive. Such a notion used to terrify me, you know." Talking to their cat! Who, didn't seem to hold much care for their ramblings. "I suppose I've grown."
The parchment was set down, hand continuing to run through the fur before them. "Your manipulative actions have caught up to you, Khari'cerr Solana. It's time to pay."


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Reading under the shining light of the moon, passing through the large, glass windows sat Tetheris in comfort of his family's own private library surrounded by cozy orange lighting produced by the lit fireplace. Upon hearing his voice called down the hall, he rose to follow the origin of the voice- to be handed the declaration by one of the households members.
"Hmm..." Hummed he, a curiosity sparking as he returned back to the athenaeum to sit in a chair much larger than he. Sinking into the cushions, a few moments of silence rung- Only leaving the crackling of the burning kindling. "Very well.." He spoke to no one but himself, the article sat down on the armrest of the chair.
"Chances have been given, and ignored. You have given us no other choice but to respond in this way. You face the music, and take the consequences for your own actions." A brief pause before the Pricecilus spoke once more. Speaking now to the flames that licked the air. A voice which exhaled unpleasant tunes.

"You have nobody to blame but yourself, Solana."


Alinor would be finishing the day at his bakery. He'd give a friendly good-bye wave to his final customer before closing the bakery for the day as the sun set over the Enlightened City of Luminion. A sigh of relief could be heard from the baker and Tyr'es Alari as he walked home, barely noticing the declaration letter through the light of dusk. He'd swiftly pick up the declaration before heading over to a more illuminated place to read it.
The High Elf set the declaration down on his dining table before reading it.
"I suppose I will be sent into the bloodshed..." Murmuring to himself before inhaling, then exhaling. "May Aerièlle guide me on my journey, for The Enlightened Kingdom" The Soon-to-be-sent-to-war Soldier would prepare and polish his wartime uniform, he'd pause his preparation to speak. . "May your people save yourself from the Legions of the Ama'cillar, Solana."


Thump. Thump. Thump.

The sound of a wooden cane scraping across stone floor echoed through the halls of the house as the elf made his way to the table to sit. The candle sitting upon it, slowly dwindling, illuminated the parchment he held, nose held close to it in order to make out what was written.

He scoffed, finally setting it down onto the surface of the table, crossing his ankles.

"Ridiculous. A war fought over race and religion."

He murmured, slowly rising from his chair, braced against the cane. Soon, an orange ball of fur would brush itself against the base of it, purring, glancing up at him with glowing eyes, reflecting even the dimmest of lights. And, as quickly as he had became bothered, he became enamoured, bending over to scoop up his beloved feline.

"Baww.. pumpkin... let us go ask mama if you've eaten supper. Kharis?"


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Feaey'ill would read through the entire letter, reading it again after she had finished. She was not believing what she was reading. "This is thi price mi home and mi family have to pay now. Friends mi thought they were, yet they treated mi like mi was an enemy, a traitor. Mi never thought they would do it, never thought they would really do it." She would walk up to the balcony in her treehouse inside Mitrona, her silmierel pin in hand. She would walk up to one of the wooden pillars and hit is as hard as she could, which after her hand would shake of pain."Mi thought peace was an option, but thi Glade will fall into war and chaos then." She would sit down, the letter and her pin in hand, thinking everything through.


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An infamous Dark Elf pours himself a glass of Aerial Mulled Wine and sits down at a writing desk to consider this declaration, adjusting the collars of his robe as he does so. He leans in close with an elbow on the table and begins to chuckle as he reads through the letter, smiling and shaking his head.
"This is pathetic. If the Theri'cill's goal was to turn public opinion against his nation and cement them as barbaric pale-eared bastards, they could've at least shown both sides of the story."
He sighs, deeply, and takes a swig of the wine, having not opened it since the last Luminon Ball where he acquired it. Tapping his foot against the ground, he begins to grow a little more worried as he thinks of the ensuing chaos that is to follow.
"Solana...ancestors above...what have you gotten you and your band of misfits into this time...?"


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Would be sitting in his room doing some maintenance and repairs on his staff as his pets would interrupt him for a moment. He would give them all some attention and pet them as he would hear a knock on his door he would walk to it and open it his father handing him a declaration, he would take it and read it carefully as he would give a light sigh. "father has given you many chances and you just ignored him" as he then would sign the declaration and hand it back to his father. "This is what they deserve for siding with the lunn" he would give him a light smile and dipped his head before heading back to his desk but looking at his fox for a moment as he went back to working on his staff.
The news travels quickly. From a small camp, somewhere in the middle of the dense woods, Ehmyrus would hear of war brewing. A difficult choice between his people, and those who share the same race of he... However, it did not take much thought, as the man chuckled to himself. He glanced to his blade, sighing..

"It seems like my time has come to return to the enlightened city.. I wonder if they remember who I am."