Nation Announcement A Missive from the High Council


[!] A letter would make its way to notice boards in Mitrona, Salus Limin, and Sunscape.

(Sunday 23, Firstseed, 1547)
The Amber Dawn

Vale, Citizens of the Arbor,
We the High Council, alongside our beloved Khari'cerr, have come together to remind you all that the bells within our capitol and our two settlements are to be used for emergencies only. Valid emergencies include: death, someone actively dying, an attack on our home, natural disasters, or an act of crime.
If someone is sick or injured, send a bird to a Medi’cilus. The entire nation does not need to know that someone fell and hurt their knee.
Repeated misuse of the bells will garner harsh consequences.

Dutifully Signed,
Khari'cerr, N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere
High Councilor Lanelor Camoran (Author)
High Councilor Ivory
High Councilor Apollon Lovell