Player Event A moment to celebrate the talents on Eden


Professional Menace

[!] Posters would be hung on every nation and settlements notice board, bearing colourful and detailed borders.

The Empire of Anjyarr has long been celebrated for its rich culture and artistic heritage, with its citizens embodying a true essence of creativity and freedom. From talented dancers and musicians to skilled artists and writers, the people of this empire are renowned for their exceptional talents. It is with great excitement that I announce the upcoming talent show to be held in the heart of Al-Khadir, where the grand theatre stands as a symbol of artistic expression. This event aims to showcase the diverse talents of all the inhabitants of Eden, both known and hidden, providing a platform for individuals to share their gifts with the world. It promises to be a captivating display of creativity and passion, uniting the community in a celebration of art and talent. To those with the most unique or best talent can win a prize of 500 andros!

Maji and Medic of Anjyarr, Iiyama Alith.

The event is held the 24th of Februari at 9 PM CET, in the theatre of Al-Khadir.
To enter the contest you fill out the following:
Character name:
Nation of Orgin:

Character name: Anne-Marie de Ruiter
IGN: lindalicious_
Talent: Poetry
Nation of Orgin: The Hadrian Empire

Character name: Alaric Alith
IGN: lindalicious_
Talent: ----- i will come up with something
Nation of Orgin: The Empire of Anjyarr
Character name: Aya Merneith
IGN: _mruwa
Talent: Dance
Nation of Orgin: Anjyarr<3