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[!] A letter would be spread around Eden, and delivered to all nation leaders by the Tzyrnowski's loyal servant, Sahrot Kodaav. It carried the crest of the Królestwo Ràdymie. [!]
Królestwo = Kingdom

Hear ye, hear ye!

To celebrate the independence of our Królestwo Ràdymie, and the completion of our keep, we would like to throw a ball. All nations are invited to this ball, and we wish for everyone to put their differences and troubles for each other aside, as this is a celebration, not an invitation for headaches. During this ball, we want to celebrate the gift of independence. We invite all nation leaders, to come discuss world politics with us. This can happen in private if one wishes to do so. There will be a banquet, so we invite all to fill their stomachs with the rich gifts of the lands. We hope many come to celebrate with us, and hope for a lively feast.
Ball will be held Saturday, the 8th of January, 8 PM CET
11 PM AST (for u ash <3)

We would also like to invite The Kingdom of Veronia and the United Provinces of the Hinterlands to come to visit our neutral lands to come to settle the current tensions going on. We respect the differences between the two nations, but would like to encourage the two nations to come to some sort of agreement. This, to ensure the safety of the citizens of both nations. The pressures have caused many citizens to feel unsafe, and unable to travel. Due to this, we offer our lands as a neutral ground, to invite both nations to come talk. A message will be sent to both king Vivan De Augassi & queen Wendelin De Augassi, and to Stadhouder Arnoud van Leuveren I and Regentes Isabella van Leuveren on our behalf. We hope you receive this message well.

A select few will be receiving letters signed by Krzystof and Celestine Tzyrnowski, inviting them to visit the keep. We hope these letters find their way to the right people.

We hope to have informed all enough with this letter.

Czar Krzystof Tzyrnowski
Czarina Celestine Tzyrnowski


Community team
imagine spending more than an hour on your first nation post so it's sorta proper and well done and you only get ooc non serious reactions, feelsbadman



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Isabella would find a letter carrying the Królestwo Ràdymie crest, waiting for her on her table. ''Oh! What a surprise. What could this possible be?'' She said and smiled in enthusiasm. As she opens the letter, her smile gets bigger.
''A ball? I might have the perfect dress for this!''
She said before getting her dress out of the closet to take a look at it... The look on her faces changed as she realized. "They wanted peace and no harm during that wedding too, but I was still threatened... I need to think about this a little longer".
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Elriensh would look carefully at the letter, the representative would tsk "ah, this possibly end in a disgraceful manner of some sorts," She would slightly crunch up the note, "perhaps some fun wouldn't hurt now."