Treaty A pact of Serpents and Steeds- 1522 AFS


Sultan of Anjyarr, Arch-Pyromancer



A pact of Serpents and Steeds

Issued 20th of Newdawn, 1522

After the events of the invasion of Lilith the nations of Al-Khadir and Hadriana have agreed that it is better to stand together then against one another.

The Azari’Lunn have expanded their brotherhood with the Khadan to a brotherhood with all the humans of Eden, whether Attian or Hinterlander. The serpents of the desert and the steeds of the plains unite in an everlasting military alliance, the size of which Eden has never seen before.

May this mighty bond of friendship and brotherhood stand the test of time, and may all nations regard the Akhadi Sultanate and the Kingdom Hadriana as a united front from this day forward.

Military Alliance

Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding a Military Alliance:
  • Signing parties will agree to aid each other in a military capacity when either party has been offended or enters into any military conflict with an external nation.​
  • Signing parties refrain from participating in any conflicts which put them at odds with one another. Further, there will be no conflicts between citizens or families of note within either state.​
  • When visiting either signatories’ territories, citizens are expected to abide by the laws upon which soil they step foot on and respect the local customs.​
  • Should an issue or conflict arise that breaches this article, the signatories agree to handle the matter via the appropriate, diplomatic channels.​


[!] The signature of Sig'Vyl Al-Buthara, as well as the stamp of Torsec would be at the bottom, declaring this an official document

OOC: The Emirate of Al-Khadir and the Kingdom of Hadriana have entered a military coalition
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