Treaty A Peace Treaty




A White Dove approached the palace of Luminion. With an olive leaf within its beak,
and a white letter strapped around its collar.
The Amber Dawn, 1530

With the reinstatement of Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr.
Mitrona has come to terms with Luminion
Regarding the war and to move forward with peace.
The liberation of Mitrona has resulted in,
The Elven Pantheon,
specifially Kharash is now strictly embedded into law,
the explusion of Azari'lunn as citizens in the Glade,
and the prosecutors Solana Faesatra and her entire Fíma
will be arrested and trialed for their actions.
Mitrona seeks to move forward with The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion

in peace as Mitrona recovers the effects of the war and on its people.


~ Mythanthar Vidarr ~
~ Khari'cerr of Mitrona ~
~ Mythanthar Team ~