A red haired 'lunn's departure


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[!] A letter would be left in Aziz's chambers, signed with gold ink [!]
Do not metagame this text, apart from the letter. This is a creative writing piece regarding Aziz's future.



By the shore of Al-Khadir, in the Royal palace, Şehzade Aziz strolled through the dimly lit corridors of the palace. His steps were silent, his figure draped in shadows as he made his way along the corridors to his sesata Nahida's chambers. As he walked, a small blue parrot perched on his shoulder, its feathers gleaming in the dim light. With a soft coo, Aziz reached into a small pouch at his side, pulling out a handful of dried berries to feed the bird. The parrot pecked at the offering eagerly, its beady eyes fixed on Aziz. Reaching Nahida's door, Aziz's heart sank as he pushed it open. Chaos greeted him as he stepped into the room. Clothes lay strewn across the floor, chests turned over, and Nahida was nowhere to be found.

A surge of anger and fear pulsed through Aziz. He knew what this meant. The signs had been there for weeks, whispers of unease, of discontent among the people. And now, with Nahida missing, it was clear that his family’s reign had failed the people, and was coming to an end. Aziz put his head in his hands, his mind racing with thoughts of what could have happened to his sister. But amidst the turmoil, a decision formed in his mind. He would not wait for his tragedy to strike. He would not cower in the palace while his family's legacy crumbled around him. With grim determination, Aziz turned away from Nahida's room and made his way to his own chambers.

He sat down at his desk and with a heavy heart, took up a quill and parchment. With careful strokes, he wrote a formal letter, saying “In light of recent events, Ana, Şehzade Aziz Zaki Nobara, Crown Prince of Anjyarr, formally abdicate, hereby renouncing my title as Şehzade. May a new dawn rise over Anjyarr,” as he signs the letter in gold ink. Once the letter was sealed and addressed, Aziz took the golden band from atop his head, placing it beside the letter as he ruffled his long red hair. This was it, he was leaving it all behind.

As Aziz took a final look around the room, packed only what he needed, a few provisions, his sword, and his spicy steak panini. He knew what he had to do. Leaving the palace behind, Aziz stepped out into the cool night air, the desert stretching out before him like an endless sea of sand. As he looked back at the city, he uttered the words “Verdaba, my homeland. Verdaba my tovara’s, Joosei karam”. [Goodbye my homeland. Goodbye my friends, I love you]. With his parrot perched on his shoulder, he set off into the streets, basked in the moonlight sky, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.


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