Nation Announcement A Royal Engagement


Common Tailor, Aeri'Cill of Luminion


Silver Phoenixes drop letters all over Eden, announcing this joyous occasion. The scrolls are bound in red and blue ribbon.


Royal Engagement
Fynenar II Aey'flir
Cirlia Zaithrall

Prepare your finest and be rejoiced, for a Royal Wedding is on the horizon! The Eldest Daughter of Aldir'tor Zaithrall and the Eldest Son of Fynenar I Aey'flir are to be wed in a marriage meant by the gods themselves.

We cannot wait to come together in celebration of this event in the future, and to usher in a new Age for the Glade.

Date of the wedding to follow soon!

Fynenar II Aeyflir
Captain of the Tyres Alari
Bane of the Frost

Cirlia Zaithrall
Aeri'Cill of the Kingdom of Luminion




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Having rode home earlier in the day that such an announcement was made, a certain Fynenar II Aey’flir would’ve situated himself within the confines of the comfortable estate, pleased with seeing his name upon the parchment and, with glass of wine in hand as he seemed quite pleased with the eventual outcome before he commented. “I suppose now we can celebrate before the day comes..”
Elaine held the piece of paper with the announcement. She blinked a few times. "I did not know they were engaged.." A few more moments of silence. "I do not know if I'm invited to this." The woman then placed the paper back on her desk and went along her duties.
Andre continued his solitary journey through the Forest, frustration lingered in his heart like the shadows between the trees of the forest. Amidst the dense foliage, a glint of silver caught his eyes a silver phoenix gracefully descending, leaving letters in its wake. With curiosity and a hint of distraction, He picked up the letter, its red and blue ribbons unfolding the joyous news before his eyes. His friend, Fynenar II Aey'flir, was to be wed to Cirlia Zaithrall in a union destined by the Mother. A Royal Wedding. "Of all times.." he muttered to himself, glancing at the dense canopy above, seeking solace from the trees. "Well, I can't let my own turmoil overshadow Fynenar's joy." He put the letter in his pocket as he continued to wander through the forest.
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[!] Within the Aey'flir Estate an older elven woman glided through the halls in excitement like a mad woman despite already knowing about it prior

"Its official! Its finally happening!!" Vanessa twirled "My son is getting MARRIED!!" She exclaimed loud enough for the entire manor to hear dancing towards one of the living rooms

"I remember when he was just a little boy refusing to let go of me!" She'd droop along the couch dramatically where her husband, Fynenar was unfortunately sitting at to deal with his wife's theatrical nature. "Can you believe it dear?!" Vanessa wrapped her arms around his shoulders smiling ear to ear until she gasped.... "Grandchildren will come! So soon... which makes me a grandmother- I simply refuse to age!" She scurried off back to their room to check the mirror.
He would be working in his room on some of the nation's needs as his ward Zarin would hand him a letter from his sister as he would open it and read it with a joyous smile It's a strange thing to think about after all this time seeing my sister get married, but non the less I am overjoyed to see its all finally here and happening. As he smirked lightly I will pray for Fynenar that he will survive her He said jokingly before returning to his work with a renewed smile.
Sunshine glowed against her skin, bathing her in a yellow morning glow. She slept soundly, nestled among scratchy hay and only a few feet away from Thanren, when parchment blown by the wind swept into the stables of the Gilded Stage and slapped against her face. She awoke with a start and scrambled to sit upright, golden hay messily tangled into her own golden locks. Os peeled the paper from her face, groaning in misery as pounding in her head set in. She should not have drank that entire bottle of moonshine. She opened her eyes slowly, her sight bleary from a sound drunken sleep. As her vision focused she found herself staring at words on the piece of parchment that had so rudely woken her, and slowly she read. . . . "A wedding...? How fun. And inviting all of Eden to it? ooooooh, so much potential~ I simply must attend."

She grinned to herself, excited for the business connections she could make, but also for all the delicious fun she could have. Before she could get too excited however, the loud crowing of the morning rooster sent a spike of pain through her head. She covered her ears and dropped the parchment, wincing at the loud noise. It was far too early to be functioning after a night like the last. As the rooster died down she flopped back down into the hay and curled up, slowly drifting back into a dreamless sleep.
Faiir read it over with a big smile, "Ah it's finally public, I am glad to see it. There will be much work to do up until the date of this wedding." She hummed as she went back to looking at the dress designs she was going to send over to Cirlia.