A search for the traveling bards. - An official message from the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion


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[!] A letter adressed to Mitrona would be send out by order of the Therri'cill

Dear Azari'cerr, We Azari'cill people have recently aquired information about the traveling bards. The flyer stated their names are Noah & Alastor, we have also goten word that they reside in the forests of Myln Arbor. We are interested in the traveling bards but have been unable to contact them up to this point. It is therefore that we by this letter request them to make their way to the Enlightened city. If the Azari'cerr in question lay their eye upon this letter see this as an invitation.

We hope to hear from the traveling bards soon, if not please send a letter in reply so we can take this into account.

Signed by:
The Therri'cill's emmisary, Cillar Cloak and Centuri'lunar Fynenar Aey'flir
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