Abandoning the Will of the People - The Sultana's Departure


[!] Throughout portions of Al-Jabrid and Al-Khadir, young criers could be heard running the street spreading the following news: [!]

“The Sultana has abandoned the nation! The Sultana has abandoned the nation! She ran off with the High Council’s knowledge and the people knew nothing about it!”

[!] As they let out their cries, these running criers would be handing out parchments around to any and all folks that would listen. Further, this letter would be mailed out throughout all of Eden to read and/or hear. Its contents, for those interested, would read as follows: [!]

“Dearest Anjyarri, Azari’lunn, and Those of Eden wrapped in the issues of the sand,

O’ how the dear struggle of Anjyarr only grows and grows. The pull of the wave is strong, yet the crash surely will be stronger. That I know in the words I offer today!

News has reached me, in the bustle of the morning, the Sultana is gone! She ran away in a fit of great cowardice and spite. The supposedly chosen leader of this nation has fallen into this most treacherous flight of fancy. Standing against the judgement of the people and choosing her own will!

It was none other than the Sultana’s very lover, Ralvvon Menaharian, who delivered this news unto me. Though his intents in the delivery of this news were not noble. The young lunn beseeched onto me the hope of answering for a people! He sought to become Sultan right under the Anjyarri’s very nose. Why? For simply sleeping with the despot right as we suffered. Though I cannot judge a heartbroken lunn for speaking out of desperate desire and want for glory. Yet still, this goes beyond even sense itself. To think power is merely like candy to be handed to any vainglorious youth, now that I cannot stand with. It is the people that shall decide the course that is to come! That is most important, and I am no maker of power, but a leal servant for a cause that will ensure a prosperous future not only for Anjyarr but Eden as well!

It is firm that I stand in the proclamations made here today. I know to be true that the corrupt High Council falls in equal step to the despot that was the Sultana. As their endless desires to achieve their own ends cannot wholly be enumerated in written form. Though I offer one or two reflections here. From the antagonism of lunns by figures like Amon, specifically as it relates to our kin of the Sunscape. To the stunted and corrupt failings of our Jundi as led by Kassim and Iiyama. To the inaction of figures like Aegnern. The failures of the state are too numerous to count. The treason against the people too great!

Hear this call! Heed my words. A new tomorrow is to come and the grounds are being set each and every day. I do not hide this news from you, as the High Council chooses to.

Let it be known, an answer shall surely erupt from the sands and afford Eden a new Anjyarr. A new tomorrow.

Bound to the people,
Esebius of Al-Khadir”
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[!] Amari sighs hearing this in her home [!]

"If.. They kick me out like it was suggested at the meeting. I can take it. I always survive. But what of the homeless at my shelter who depend on me? I need to make plans to save them if things go bad. Today, their lives mean more than my own"
The news of the Sultana's departure leaves the man with a mix of disbelief and disappointment. As he reads the missive, his brows furrow in consternation, grappling with the betrayal of someone he held in such high regard. The realization that the Sultana has abandoned her people in their time of need weighs heavily on his heart, filling him with a sense of betrayal, conflicting his mind even more after the discovery on their expedition to the Tomb of Kings. However, amidst the tumult of emotions, The man finds a flicker of resolve igniting within him. His loyalty to his nation and its people burns bright, and he refuses to let despair consume him. Instead, he channels his frustration into determination, to stand firm in the face of adversity and fight for the future of Anjyarr.
"The one ''chosen'' by the gods has forsaken her duty leaving us vulnerable. We must stand united in our determination to forge a path forward, the people deserve better than this.."

Taheer sets the missive aside, slowly making his way to the balcony looking over the familiar view as the golden sun rose in the distance causing some stray sand carried by the winds to look almost like ash from burning wood.
"A new nation is on the horizon... And we will be the architects of its arrival."