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Vale to the 'Cill of Luminion and likewise to the inhabitants around the continent,

It is with great news and pleasure that the House Aey'flir formally reopens the Fynenar & Son Jewellers within Luminion once more, located upon Lartheral Square 3, the Aey'flir family, known for their extensive gold-smithing and jewellery making abilities shall once more open it's doors to customers around the lands who seek to embellish themselves with the highest quality items which they could possibly find their hands upon. With the location of the store made open, a variety of new items shall be placed on display for customers to purchase. Alongside this, customers are allowed to ask for comissions to be made and are asked that requests are written in a book and placed within the chest just behind the counter as depicted on the drawings below, additional inquires are to be sent to Fynenar II Aey'flir or to the Aey'flir estate within Luminion. Listed below are some premade pieces of jewellery, Prices shall differ.

Silver Moon Necklace [5 Andros]
General Information: A piece of Iron shaped to look like the Moon
Lore: This necklace looks much like the moon. Gold jewels adorn the pendant. It has a faint glimmer on its surface, the shine of the necklace would be clearly visible in the night sky as the moon and her stars would reveal its beauty.

Silver Regal Earrings [5 Andros]
General Information: A set of two large, thin Silver earrings with carvings in Elvish
Lore: Simple silver hoops. The silver in them glitters subtly, the earrings would have carvings in Elvish reading ‘Eredal’

Serpents Ring [5 Andros]
General Information: A small snake ring, golden in colour.
Lore: A smooth ring made of gold, shaped after a serpent snake. It wraps around the wearer’s finger by wrapping the end of its tail on one side of the ring, it’s mouth opening at the other end.

Glowing Star Pendant [10 Andros]
General Information: A white gem like a star, intertwined in intricate designs that hangs upon a silver chain
Lore: This Pendant looks much like the moon. Silver jewels adorn the pendant. It’s design is intricate and stunning. It has a faint glimmer on its surface, etched within the quartz star would be ‘Bryn’ , the shine of the necklace would be clearly visible in the night sky as the pendant would have a special glow, one that brightens the user's surroundings.

Fynenar II Aey'flir, Heir to the Aey'flir House, Bane of the Frost. [Likewise, I may also be reached out on discord for any questions or commissions alike at __Stal27]

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Would request my wedding ring there but as an impure high elf I think I'd get murdered