Player Event An outstretched hand


Sultan of Anjyarr, Arch-Pyromancer
[!] A letter would arrive in Adelsburg




Merhada, friends from the north.

The Sultan has been filled with hope and joy looking at the Hadrian realm.

It has been some time since our two nations last walked the path of diplomacy.
The late rulers of the Attian peoples have made a mess out of the once good relationship between our two realms.
The crisis concerning the Jabridian isle and the continuous violation of promises has had a great impact on our trust.

We congratulate all Attians on the heroic restoration of the Withmond dynasty and the birth of a new Empire
and in light of recent events wish to discuss a diplomatic mission between our two realms to restore what once was.

May we prosper together as we indulge ourselves in commerce and may our two nations
work to restore the mutual trust that we held so dear not too long ago.

Anjyarrs high council looks forward to meeting the new, Hadrian emperor and his administration.


OOC Lets set up a meeting, feel free to discuss time and place in DM

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"Thank you." said Matthias with a calm look on his face to his guard, who nodded and waited next to the table. Matthias unfolded the letter and looked surprised when seeing his southern neighbor's sigil. "Sultan, you are full of surprises." he mumbled to himself with a bright smile after he finished reading. "ASHLYN!" he shouted from his hall to her office. "Send them a reply as soon as possible!"