-= Appointment & The Future of The Tyr'es Alari =-


Loremaster & Gamemaster
[!] A parchment with the Tyr'es Alari crest and House Of Glynwarin banner at the bottom would be placed on the notice board

Moonday 09, Sunfall, 1528


Through adverse times, our blessed Kingdom has prevailed. We shall continue to prevail, regardless of our situation. And so, I shall introduce myself to our pure-hearted citizens, as your newly appointed Fini'Solilunn; Fenro Glynwarin, of the House of Glynwarin. Though, sadly, I have not had the chance to meet many of you in person, I hope to aid our Kingdom in building an army that cannot be matched, one that serves the sole interest of our Kingdom. For our Mother guides us with her ever-so benevolent light.

As the newly appointed Fini'Solilunn, I shall focus on creating the stepping stones for our Tyr'es Alari. Through efficient training programs, that teach swordsmanship, battle strategy, etiquette and much more. Though many of our soldiers already know the basics, as expected. For those already experienced, I will work towards building their skills, giving them the chance to be specialised in certain fields of warfare.

If you find yourself interested in joining The Tyr'es Alari, please direct yourself to Tyr’es Alari - Keepers of the Light where you can further inform yourself of joining and what it means to become a soldier.

Fini'Solilunn Fenro Glynwarin, of the House of Glynwarin