Tyr’es Alari - Keepers of the Light


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Tyr’es Alari - Keepers of the Light

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The Tyr’es Alari are the heart of the Enlightened Kingdom's protection and service. They ensure that the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion stands tall against any enemies that wish to pursue their downfall. They are the hand of the law within the city and state, striving to strike down any that try to bring chaos and discourse within the walls of Luminion and its surrounding borders. These brave soldiers swear themselves to the crown and its people, training day in and day out to be a shining example of what a military should hold.

As a united force, the Tyr’es Alari move together, standing as one and falling as one.

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The Codes of Honor

The soldier, while never seeking out a fight, will be prepared at all times for battle; never drunk on wine, never without their weapon.
While allowed to partake in frivolous activities, a soldier should never fall to a state where they are unable to rise to the defense of their nation.

The soldier shall keep their uniforms tidy and in good shape, and shall not damage or misplace their weapons in any way.
They are a symbol of the Enlightened Kingdom, and even if they are off duty, they still represent the Luminion with each step.

The soldier will refrain from needless shedding of blood, arguments, or squabbles with other soldiers, to both keep the name of the Tyr’es Alari pure,
and to prevent injury to men or women who may be needed to command.

The soldier will lead by example; never commanding actions of his soldiers that he would not readily perform himself.
The soldier will fight alongside his people and work with them as one, for the strength of the Kingdom.

The soldier will never abandon allies on the field, always working to save those he can; and will never seek to profit from the loss of his allies.
A soldier shall always show honor, never cutting corners or seeking greed over enlightenment.

The Codes of Purity

Pure in Mind

A member of the Tyr’es Alari shall not stray from the path of the Mother; they shall heed her words and fight in her name,
and the name of the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion.

Pure in Body
An Azari’cill within the Tyr’es Alari shall not mutilate their purity in any way; they shall not dye their hair, or pierce their skin,
or brandish scars gotten outside of the defense of the Enlightened Kingdom.
A De’nevir within the Tyr’es Alari holds exception to this rule, able to paint their bodies and hair, and pierce their skin.
However, a De’nevir may not brandish scars, or paint themselves in a way that would create similarity to the Azari’lunn.

Pure in Race
A member of the Tyr’es Alari shall be of Azari’cill or De’nevir descent, though other races, with the exception of the Azari’lunn,
are able to conscript into the Ama’Cillar, monitored carefully throughout their endeavors in the Kingdom.

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The commanding structure and units of the Tyr'es Alari


Aesti’Solilunn - Daughters of the Sun and Moon
Fini’Solilunn - Sons of the Sun and Moon

The Aesti’Solilunn, or Fini’Solilunn, are the commanders of the Tyr’es Alari, and are charged with the protection and sanctity of the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion. While they may delegate tasks to high-ranked members of the army, the Commanders are in charge of overseeing general military operations and upholding military tradition. However, while the Aesti’Solilunn/Fini’solilunn are leaders, they are first and foremost warriors themselves, often taking part in the battles their soldiers face and fighting alongside them.

Ama’Cillar - The Silver Army

Every citizen of Luminion who wishes to join the Tyr’es Alari starts as Ama’Cillar. During their time within the Ama’Cillar, they are assessed for their skill sets and are allowed to experiment and further develop their skills and interests. They receive rigorous basic training along with the equipment necessary to defend Luminion and its people. They are able to watch the various pieces of training of the divisions to get a hint of what each division does if they desire to specialize, though they are also able to remain within the Ama’Cillar and pursue a select few ranks within.
Once a soldier proves themselves, they are allowed to participate in The Trials to determine what branch they would best specialize within.

Scinari - The Priestesses
Though the Temple of the Mother is not directly involved in the workings of the Tyr’es Alari, the Temple is woven into the very fabric of the army, with Priestesses often serving within the ranks, acting as combat medics and inspiration for the rest of the soldiers. Before a battle, each soldier is blessed by a Scinari, their weapons touched by the hands of the Mother to strike true in the defense of the Mother and the Enlightened Kingdom.

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Military Traditions
The Uniform of a Tyr’es Alar [Keeper of the Light] is their most important tool; though it does not act as a weapon or protection, but rather a symbol of the kingdom they have sworn to protect. Men and Women of the Tyr’es Alari wear their uniforms with pride, representing the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion with each step they take.

Wartime Uniform
The uniform itself varies depending on the rank and branch of the military an individual is in, however, the Ama’Cillar holds a simple garb, consisting of several pieces; being red undergarments, simple dark leathers, a basic, tightfitting chestplate, and matching grieves, gauntlets, and boots. Members of Ama’Cillar are also given a winged helmet, though it is seldom worn except for in the heat of battle.
With Rank, an insignia is added to the right breast of the chestplate, bearing the symbol of the soldier’s rank within Tyr’es Alari. Higher ranking soldiers also don a silk, red cloak upon their back, though this symbol is discarded during wartime. The cloak is also burned during a ceremony before a battle, representing the peace that must be recovered; a new cloak would be fashioned should the battle end favorably for the Azari’cill

Peacetime Uniform
A soldier of the Tyr’es Alari is given a second uniform during times of peace, that bestows their rank and branch upon their forms without holding the bulkiness of armor. These uniforms are simple, with a white undershirt and a red and white overcoat to button over it, with the soldier’s rank and branch being displaced as a symbol on their right breast. Higher ranking soldiers also donn their cloaks and keep their breastplates, but the other more bulky parts of the wartime uniform are discarded. Guards of the Luminion also tend to keep their armors, to be prepared to stop any infractions of the law within the city.

Each soldier of the Tyr’es Alari is given a simple yet decorated longsword upon entry into the army, alongside a buckler shield, which is often decorated with paints and metallic colorings to denote rank and branch, but also affiliation with the Enlightened Kingdom. It is rare that a shield will go undecorated, especially during times of war, but the decorations may vary between soldiers, which in of itself acts as a symbol of the individuality of the Tyr’es Alari.

The mount is considered an integral part of the culture of the Tyr’es Alari; the horse is a part of the soldier just as his sword and shield may be. Each soldier in the Ama’Cillar is trained on the basics of horse combat, though not every one of them is given a horse of their own to care for. While the army itself does not have a dedicated sect for mounted combat, soldiers are given a choice on whether or not they wish to ride a steed into battle.

Mounted combatants on the field are often granted a special insignia to denote their position, branded into the right breast of their armor. Some riders opt to change their uniform entirely, to forgo the immobility of plate in replacement of something lighter and easier on their steeds.

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Lore credits: @Kalazeras & @Kinzie