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[!] A letter was sent to Zladimir de Tiri personally and posters were among all the colonies across Mitrona. They didn't look like anything special, baring black ink and a semi-cursive font, but they read the following:
[Do not metagame this information.]


(Saintsday 16, Godsnight, 1547)
The Amber Dawn

Mi subject es Mitrona,
From the heightened tensions from the vari lands, Zladimir de Tiri had been causing a commotion here in the Arbor. From calling us, "rot infested" and, "voidal sympathizers", we did not take these claims lightly. We are the first ones to banish and look down upon anyone who has any connection with the void. Kharash did not gift us the Arbor to have it infested and the citizens of Mitrona, as well as my High Council, have done an outstanding job sniffing out this impurity.

However, due to Zladimir's public statement of apologizing and accepting humility, the High Council and the Khari'cerr have agreed to unbanish the vari.


Khari'cerr, N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere
Tericyees, Faiir Chamaire
High Councilor, Apollon Lovell
High Councilor, Ivory
High Councilor, Lanelor Camoran
High Councilor, Fenrin Zakarian