Nation Announcement Ban Lifted: A Few Announcements


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[!] A missive on all colonies of Mitrona. It still didn't bare red ink. Instead, black.

The Amber Dawn

Vale to the citizens of Mitrona,
It has come to my attention that there had been a ban for outsiders with a fee. This was enacted a few years ago and we've had little to no problems in the main colonies since then. I hereby announce the general outsider ban lifted, while Sunscape will stay locked down until further notice. Anyone caught in Sunscape who was not instructed to go there, nor a resident, will face consequences. Our front gate to the main capital will open. However, please keep the second gate closed and use the citizen doors.
With this ban being lifted, if you feel as though a personal ban can be argued, call an audience with me and my council.

Further, I, the new Khari'cerr, am looking for two additional High Councilors to advise me in decision-making. I prefer an Azari'cerr, but a De'nevir is also accepted. Send a letter or find me by the Pit if you are interested.

Khari'cerr, N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere