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[!] Larger posters were placed on the trees of each colony of Mitrona. The main city, Salus Limin, and Sunscape. They were a deep tan color with slightly better handwriting than the last missive. It bared large ink. The missive read the following:
[Do not metagame this information.]


(Sunday 7, Highbloom, 1547)
The Amber Dawn

Mi subjects es Mitrona,

From the recent attack of a 'Cerr named, "Azael", it has become increasingly clear that there are crooks across my colonies. This, as in any situation, will not be taken lightly. The High Council, and I, take these difficulties seriously. No criminal will go overlooked and consequences will come immediately. A finger, hand, or leg will be taken. If not all. Or death will be their demise. These promises are not empty.

This will lead me to appoint Apollon Lovell, High Councilor of Mitrona, to investigate these locations and interview those involved. If you have been attacked by anything voidal, I suggest meeting our Therri'cerr, Mythanthar Vidarr, at the Amber Tree. The Sylvani are equipped to deal with these threats and cleanse those around them.

With this said, do not panic. Be on guard and do not back down. If you are looking to be outside, bring a filo for each other's protection. Do not walk on your own to avoid any ambushes. For the criminals, beware of the wrath of the Arbor. It will not take long before impacts are made.

From the attacked 'Cerr, we have a report of what to look for: A purple female wearing a black coat with purple hair, having white pupils and iris'. My best assumption is a de'nevir. The other, was a human male, with a black mask that only covered half of his face. He seemed pale with blue and greyish eyes. His entire was black and golden as well.

For those with more information and insight, send a letter to the palace. Or call an audience with me and Apollon Lovell.
[OOC: A discord letter works.]

Khari'cerr, N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere
Azael's gaze crosses the poster as he trudges back to the tavern, bandaged from the recent attacks. "These are already up? . . This place really is interesting. Feels odd not having to do this shit on my own."
Reading through the notice that had been sent to him, Daemon scrunched up his brows, muttering in an annoyed voice "I am no crook, how dare they" scoffing and yeeting the notice away with a shrug, just yawning and waddling to wherever he felt like going "Such boring sticklers"
Merely a day after the large battle that unfolded, A merchant halted Zladimir as he was on his way back to the castle. The lady explained how she came across such during one of her runs in the elven glades, with the Markgraf reading the notice. A small smile appeared on his face, chuckling softly. "Oh but when I said it, they banished me from their uncivilised lands.. I shall watch from afar, and then if push comes to shove they will be blessed with my presence once more. Lets see if Apollon can handle the voidal threat."
After sleeping for who knows how long, a certain blue Tiefling, awoke to find one of his beloved parrots had brought a notice into its nest- Before it could be destroyed, his cold hands managed to grab it- There was an awkward silence as his dead gaze settled on the notice. “...That dumbass.”