Nation Announcement Bringing Till ann Kinna ce o Traitor [Bounty]


Forest Guardian spirit of Myln Arbor
[!] Posters and pamplets were delivered and put up on each nation's notice board the title translated to "Bringing Law and Death to a Traitor"

Bringing Till ann Kinna ce o Traitor

Eden's Shine 12.08.31

[!] Most of it was translated into Common for an easy read

Lapis Cupiditem: 2000 Andros

Ali Yule: 500 Andros

Vale people of Eden~
It has been brought to my attention of thi misbehaviors ann crimes of thi Ex Mitronian Citizen, Ali Yule has committed irr Eden. Before he had left Mitrona for Anjyarr with his De'nevir wife, Lapis Cupiditem and became banished for being a Traitor.

Ali ordered his 16 year old De'nevir daughter to kill an Ex Mitronian citizen who had left peacefully to return to his Azari'cill kin named Tarron Araven. The assassination was successful and showed his true colors on how he brainwashed his daughter into committing an unlawful murder at such a young age. She was jailed for three weeks and recently was released after counseling. Her so called parents didn't once contact us to see her. Or at least find her whereabouts.

Along with this incident I am aware he has had misbehaviors in Avalheim and is banished from their lands. I received a report regarding his plans to get revenge on them.
Banished from two nations ann hide behind his magoi wife who helps him, du think it cannot get any worse ti?

Mi kin Aethrim, expressed her worries ce mi about his aggressiveness, his tenacity ce cause trouble. She was worried he may kill her. A week later two of kin return home with newfound scars ann missing all their belongings. At first mi thought it was simply robbers on thi roads. Until mi received accounts of what happened.. I was infuriated.
What he did was unjust. A disgrace ce thi Azari'cerr.

Ann for Lapis who some may think she tis innocent but she assisted him ann fueled tis behavior instead of trying ce change him for thi better.
Mi expected better from her.. but being a bystander and a companion ce thi aggressor is why she tis also sentenced ce kinna.
Mi am aware of her noble status. Mi want her head on a pike regardless. To the Empire of Anjyarr du can either accept that , do thi bounty durselves, pay thi price of 2000 @ for her life spared, or be faced with triumph.
- Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr
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Seeing the message from the Khari'cerr Acheron humms and goes to his home to sharpen his equipment and clean up his armour.
Arndil read the missive carefully, he pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled with fury. He thought for a few moments before getting up and deciding to venture to the bank. “Such a disturbance to my peace..” He muttered to himself as he marched.
Upon reading this Belladona is appalled as she felt she had become rather close with the two, even close enough to almost become a daughter of theirs as well, but also worried for Hannya, she must go see her soon
Axilya would let a hum escape her lips as she read over the poster a grin appearing on her face "How enjoyable, on eye for on eye.. This will ciré fun ce watch~" she'd get out her gem spinning it through her fingers amused to say the least
Dain would read and burst out laughing this is what happens when you make bad decisions i guess he would continue his walk while thinking in himself this is what happens when you have incompetent rulers ruling a so called "empire"
The aquamancers are dropping like flies what's up with all the aquamancers getting bountied by the elves smh
Lilibelle could at one point be seen sitting upon a bench in Adelsburg, having a mini panic attack as she read over the notice. She could already hardly read, and the mixed elvish words were confusing her to hell and back. She eventually crumpled a copy up and stuffed it in her pocket after breaking a sweat.
Silas read the bounty notice with some disdain and surprise The Mitronans setting a bounty on another nations government? Let us hope this does not disturb the peace in Eden.
Zhen laughs with glee as he sees Lapis's name on a bounty board, things finally seeming to come full circle for him and his complicated history.