Nation Announcement Buying Herbs


A notice is placed on the noticeboards of Mitrona and Salus Limin.

A notice from the Mitronan Medical Ward

Mitrona Symbol.png


We are always in search of herbs to make medicines for our patients. Until now, the clinic staff has done their own foraging. But we are deciding to allow the general public to sell herbs they find to us.

The prices we buy them for are listed below.

• Aracberries - 4@ per berry
• Winged Lotus - 5@ per root
• Sapphire Sali- 10@ per leaf
• Waterwisp - 5@ per stalk
• Apple Mint - 2@ per leaf
• Iceleaf - 4@ per leaf
• Sun Lotus - 15@ per leaf

Signed, Medi'cilus Shalia Chamaire

Prices may change as there's no standard for herb pricing.