Server Announcement Community Team Update September-October 2022


Community Team Update


Well hello there, traveller!

It’s been two months since the last CT update, but like always we’ll be discussing the usual points discussed in this post, like the Community Feedback, the Community Contest and more! So put on your seatbelts, and let’s get going!


Our player base has become really diverse in many ways. It shows when we compare the diagrams that were filled out, telling us when people joined, and how they found out about us. Compared to earlier months, where we sometimes had huge player waves, it has balanced out a little.


Like always, we ask you to rate the server. The average rating you gave us, is a 7.5. The most chosen answer was an 8. The average rating you gave the community is a 7.6, the most chosen answer was a 7. If there’s anything you feel would improve either of these ratings, and you haven’t included in your feedback, feel free to reach out to the staff! We love hearing your suggestions and tips.


Generally, most people find communication between players and staff goes well, which we’re glad to hear. It has not always been like this so it seems we’ve made a big improvement in this area. All critique has been noted, will be taken seriously, and taken up to the according teams when applicable.

A point often mentioned is lore. Lore team has been placed under new management and is currently going through a big cleanup. For a better insight on this, be sure to check out the [Lore Team update]. If you have any more questions regarding the lore team, you can always send the lore Team Manager H00ds#9016 a message.

Many of you seem to be pleased about the builds, the current server management and the increase in random encounters. This is wonderful to hear and will definitely motivate said teams to continue their work.


Community call
It’s been two months, so it’s time for the return of the Community Call! For all those that do not know what the community call entails, it is a call where (most) Team Managers and staff gather in a planned call, where the players can come to hear about planned features, what teams are working on, and ask questions! This way, we want to improve transparency between staff and players.

The Community Call will take place on the 30th of October, at 9 PM CEST ( 3 PM EST )


Staff roster
The last two months have been wild for nearly all teams, as a result of many leaves. But first, let me take you through our hires.

Community team
+Daddy Satan#3006

Tech team

Feature Development

Lore team

Event team
+Daddy Satan#3006


Lore team

Tech team

Feature development team

Event team
-{Last Fallen Angel}#9120


Community Contest results
The last Community Contest closed quite a while ago, allowing many to declare their votes for their favourite memes. Finally, I can officially disclose the results.

In first place Youngsage3#3789

In Second, this submission by Sid#4497

Third Captain Jack based Yusha#9530

Winners will soon receive their prizes, first place receives 400 tokens, second place 300, and lastly third place receives 200 tokens. Make sure to contact me (NietKirsten#7899) to claim your rewards!


October’s Community Contest
As many of you have probably heard by now, it is the one-year anniversary of Fables & Fantasy this month! To get a recap on many things that happened this year, make sure to check out [this post made by Arkhun]. So, for this, we want to go large! We are hosting three contests this month, all Halloween-themed. Each category will have one singular winner. Our three categories are as follows.
‘Story writing’, where you can unleash your creativity in the form of literature. You can write a scary story, but maybe you’d rather write about an urban myth? Or about something funny? The floor is all yours, nothing is off the table.

‘Skins’, where you can colour pixels to your heart’s desire. Will you put your character in a scary witch outfit for Halloween, or would they rather dress up like an otter? Show us how your Original Characters would show up at a Halloween party, going all out.

‘Screenshots’. Show us your favourite views of Eden. Are you going for a frog view? Bird view? Zoom in zoom out, it’s all up to you! Make sure your F2 button works, and get photographing!
{Please note all staff members with commands that allow them to fly can not win in the screenshot contest}

Like always, our winners will be awarded beautiful prizes, so make sure to give it your best shot! The contest closes Sunday 23rd of October, midnight CEST ( 6 PM) , and after, a seven-day voting period will occur, during which you can vote for your favourites. The winners of the contest will be announced during the next Community Team update.

There are also some rules we’d like you to follow.
-Like always, it is strictly prohibited to post other people’s content.
-Content submitted must fit within the Fables & Fantasy world, or be related to it in any way.
-There is a submission limit of three per category.
-Keep everything SFW. We are a 13+ server.
-All submissions must follow our rules. Not doing so may result in the removal of your submission and punishment.
-Keep things civil.
-Keep submission channels free from talking. Talking about submissions may be done in the general channel.


Looking forward
It has been a busy time for Fables & Fantasy. As of late, we have seen many changes, in managers, staff and systems. We want to thank all of you that stay by our side as we move to greater things.​

Much love 🤍
CT-TM: NietKirsten#7899

CT: recoon004#8317
CT: Vulturia#0001
CT: Daddy Satan#3006

CT: 0 Talentless 0#1883
CT: Charlie#8188


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