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Professional Menace
[!] A poster would end up on every nation and settlements notice board written in common in a fine handwritting.​

Discussing the matter surrounding the recently deceased Argyle.
Argyle a
'honourable' man, recently deceased in a fight. A fight I, Axilya Ealora Xyrzana-Sedaris was not involved in.
I was not involved in his death, however admittingly the reasoning of such matters.
Argyle hungry for information about the Bonelord pledgers there, in the Cerils keep he threatened me.
A place Argyle or I do not hold any powers, however he himself chose to proceed his actions and words infront of others.
The first fight, the fight that did not result in his tragic ending. I myself chose to pull back the fight had stopped.
However Argyle chose to open his mouth after aimed towards Thalgrim, a mistake.
A mistake that resulted in the second fight which I did not enter, his last fight it may be known.
Specifically fought by Thalgrim. Krisa simply protected me, unexpected yet the truth.
Krisa did not deserve his punishment nor am I aware of a relation with the voidal mage and him.


Krisa is innocent, if you wish to speak against such matters you can speak to me.
Both me and Krisa do not have a personal relation with Thalgrim, let that be known Kharis.

[!] This part would clearly be aimed at Kharis, the handwritting itself looking clearer and it would be in a different colour to stand out.

- Signed,
Mitronian High Councilor
Axilya Ealora Xyrzana-Sedaris