Thiudan of Eisarnknoth




In the year of our Ruler, ALDER HIMMERSCHWERT, 1532, I, Aleksandra Salier, now proclaim the Duchy of Finsterschen. Within the deserts of Eden, a glorious bastion of Alder’s light has been established on the river delta, flourishing with greenery. Our exodus from Hadriana has been peaceful, thankfully due to Alder’s graciousness and direction. He has chosen for our people to leave and has given us shelter in a time of need. As we continue our journey forward, we will uphold the principles and convictions of Alder and the Sentinels to our eventual death.
Such principles are ingrained within our hierarchy and country, leaving any past notions behind. With immediacy, I must pronounce that the Duchy of Finsterschen does not partake in the democratic perversions of Raevendrecht and instead holds a close grip on the ideals of Alder Himself. If we are to believe in Makerism, are we truly Alderists? Even the Duma in Hadriana divides us, as it is against His will. We call ourselves Wahrheit Alderists, for we believe in the true ways of Alder and the Sentinels. I ask again, if we stray from His path, are we truly Alderists? I pray that the Alderists of Eden begin to reflect on their faith and what it is worth.
May the people of Eden be blessed in the coming years as Lilith makes its mark on the world. Even if Wahrheit Alderists do not agree with the countless religions across Eden, may we unite in the face of adversity. Let war never come between any nation, as Alder tells us not to destroy, but to create. As my family has stated for generations: From order, comes freedom.

Herzog Aleksandra
of the House of Salier
Sunday 23, Greenfall, 1532