Nation Announcement Ghesiri Bounty


*The following would be posted on the bounty board having been erected next to the chore board in Mitrona.*

Saintsday 16, Rainswrath, 1547
The Amber Dawn

A bounty of one thousand andros is to be placed on the heads of two goblins causing disruption in Mitrona. Not only did these Ghesiri trespass on palace ground, but they assaulted a Tri'cilus and a High Councilor. High Councilor Apollon seeks these two to be brought in alive, as he wishes the safe return of the bow stolen from him that belonged to his late wife Elaine Lovell, the former Khari'cerr. While the description of the two are difficult to describe, the name of one was revealed to be Spoonlicka.

High Councilor, Apollon Lovell
"Whatz tha' shite boyz?"
The small goblin tries to hold the elven Longbow straight while aiming just for his arrow to curve miserably off-center and vanish into the woods. "Panzie bow ain't gud for shootin nothin, spezally no woofers."
"Yar just a ztupid dumnut Spoonlickah, can't even aim strait"
The other goblins laugh hysterically at Spoonlickah as he runs into the shrubbery to find his arrow.