Server Announcement In Loving Memory of Cole Zelenco

Players of Fables and Fantasy RP,

With my greatest sorrow, I must inform everyone that long-time player Cole, also known as Alcarin_ and Vivan de Augaussi has passed away fighting the Russian invaders in Bakhmut, Ukraine. Cole has been a player of FnF since day one and has been one of the most influential characters of the first six months of the server's existence. Besides that, he was part of the first generation of loremasters who laid many of the foundations of the stories we are all enjoying today.

He has made many friends over the many months he has been with us and will always be known as a man with a big heart and endless dedication to what he believed in. Cole has always been a dedicated player throughout his time here. Even going as far as playing on the server with his friends when he was not fighting on the front lines.

He may have passed on giving the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of the Ukrainian people, but he shall never be forgotten. A memorial has been placed on the eastern end of Mapledale for those who wish to pay their respects in-game.

His family is currently in the process of raising funds for the expensive endeavor of retrieving his body from the frontline and back to Canada and organizing a funeral. A public fundraiser has been created to pay for the expenses of this. I shall share the link of that below for those who wish to contribute.

Our thoughts go out to the family in these difficult times.

May you rest in peace.


[Link to the fundraiser]