Nation Announcement Khari'cerr Vidarr's Proclamation !


Forest Guardian spirit of Myln Arbor
[!] A large poster was hung up on the information board of Mitrona

Khari'cerr Vidarr's Proclamation: A Sacrifice for Till in Thi Glade

Sunfall, Eden's Shine
Vale mi kin, Solana has been missing for a month so mi took it upon myself to lead as I bear the fate of ore home on mi shoulders. Now in a position where mi have thi authority to make moves, I've requested to meetup with thi Therri'cill privately. We've spoken of ore current situation ann ore past.

We will net surrender ann blood will be shed. Not in the way you may think.
In order to bring peace I must arrest Nobicilus Solana Faesatras, her family, and all those who support her affilation with the Sons of Fineall. Where they will hold a shared trial here in Mitrona's Palace. We are not surrendering. This is an agreement of liberation.

With that being said the War is Not over. Not until the Faesatras and their following kin meet their fate under the till of the Glade. Do understand that it pains me to do this , however, for the survival, freedom, and protection of the Azari'cerr I must and I will. Mi will be questioning every citizen where they stand with Solana. Tell thi truth or be met with greater divine punishment. For those who are bystanders in this, I formally apologize for the kerr'os this has caused. I assure du wi will return to thi quiet yet busy ar'baor wi all know ann love soon enough. Ann do net fret, this dictatorial behavior within the Azari'cill will never be forgotten regardless of thi outcome.

- Signed Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr