Laws Of Avalheim


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The laws of Avalheim and simple yet strict. All citizens are expected to follow these rules or face appropriate punishment. This also counts for visitors as most Citizen rules also apply to them! The rules are as follows

Imprisonment rules
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and imprisonment for their 'safety'

Citizen rules
Do not steal from your fellow citizens
Do not cause harm to your fellow citizens without a valid reason
Do not abuse fellow citizens or animals
Do not commit acts of hatred towards fellow citizens

Universal rules
Do not commit murder
Do not steal
Do not kill wolves unless necessary
Do not abuse the animals
Do not cause unnecessary harm to the land
Do not disrespect the guards or leadership
Do not disturb the dragon nor harm it this is punishable by death
Do not enter the south island of the wyrm isles. This is scared and holy grounds to the people and meant to be left alone. If found there this can be punishable

Breaking these rules will cause one to be taken on trial before the higher ups, where an appropriate punishment will be decided, ranging from simple imprisonment to banishment or death.
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