Letter to Aleksandra Baireiksing


The Northwind Bard
Staff member
[!] A silly, goofy-looking frog with an absentminded smile hops through Aleksandra's window.
A butterfly-sealed letter was stuck to the mucus on its back. [!]

frog silly.png


Fair tidings to you, Thiudan Aleksandra.
It has been quite some time since we last spoke. Have you been in good health as of late? I remember your visit to one of my aeromancy classes, which I continue to highly appreciate. I hope you have found more opportunities to study the art since then. However, my letter to you doesn't just serve the purpose of checking up on your well-being. In congratulating the finalized construction of your kingdom and forming a more secure north, I wish to strike up a few trade deals on behalf of Aerial that I believe would help to benefit both you and your people. If you so wish, you may visit the Exalted City to further discuss this with me, which is surprisingly not too far from your own settlement. Otherwise, I would love to instead visit Eisarnknoth myself with my proposals in mind.
Mother (and Alder) guide,
Elduin L. De Sylvanus
Lord-Regent of Aerial, Northwind Bard
de sylvanus wax seal.png

[!] A letter is sent back to Elduin as soon as possible.



I am happy to hear from you again, Lord-Regent Elduin. I have to agree that we need to speak about trade whenever we are both available. I believe that our two countries will be able to cooperate in the best way possible. Come to Eisarnknoth whenever you are able and let continue to do well together.

Thiudan Aleksandra
Mikils Blōstreis of Eisarnknoth
of the House of Baireiksing
Wineday 19, Highsun, 1534