Nation Announcement Light on recent events - message to Hadriana & our Azari kin


He from beyond
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This is an official message from The Ministry of National Security & The Grand Council of Princes

As you may have noticed in recent hours there have been changes to the government of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion.

The recent events can be explained as the following:

The current Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael stands accused of impurity on the following grounds:
Recently the Therri'cill has come to an agreement with the sovereign king Roderick Withmond of Hadriana, in this agreement a clause contains the following; 'They shall support each other in the light of the Mother and care of the Maker.' With this statement, the incumbent Therri'cill acknowledges the existence of the Maker which is in combination with another clause of which the relevant part goes as follows; 'This building may be used to house students of the colleges or engage in religious practices.' which is illegal according to Article 5 of the Fundamental Cillari Law.

Article 5 of the Fundamental Cillari Law goes as follows:
'The citizens of The Mother's blessed city will not tolerate any attempts at the conversion of the Azari’cill to heretical or otherwise impure beliefs. To attempt to let an Azari’cill stray from the path of the mother is to assault the mental purity of the Azari’cill themselves. No preachers or missionaries will be permitted to spread their false ideals or beliefs within the Mother’s blessed city.'

After the Therri'cill was arrested on these lawful grants and placed under house arrest as is custom for one of noble status. Unfortunately, the Therri'cill chose to ignore his house arrest which was more than conform to someone like him till his trial. Because of this action, Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael is now a fugitive under Luminous Law.

After managing to arrange a meeting with the fugitive Therri'cill accused of impurity, it has become clear that the sovereign Kingdom of Hadriana supports an elf of his status. We have reason to believe that the Hadrians will not stop at reinstating a fugitive accused of the highest crime under Luminous Law.

We call upon all Azari nations to heed our call of support. The Azari nations should stand together to deny Hadrian advance and meddling in our court of law. We also ask for King Roderick Withmond to return Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael to Luminion so he can be judged according to Luminous Law as was intended.

While the Kingdom of Hadrian and fugitive Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael claim that these are 'fancy words' for a coup. The Ministry of National Security and Grand Council of Princes assure that this is not the case. The leadership of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion has fallen to the Grand Council of Princes which shall act in accordance with Luminous Law. This means that for the time being, they shall be the ruling body of Luminion until either Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael is restored by the nation, or deemed guilty of impurity.
If Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael is deemed guilty of impurity, he shall at least be declared unfit to rule and the Grand Council of Princes shall elect a new ruler. Till then the Grand Council of Princes assures the citizens of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion, and the other inhabitants of Eden that no drastic changes will take place. And that it will respect any previously made agreements with other nations. Including Ar’mágoi’cilus, Aldir'tor Zaithrall's agreements with sovereign nations which mean that The Kingdom of Hadriana is seen as a nation with which we have a pact of eternal friendship and non-aggression.

The Grand Council of Princes asks the Kingdom of Hadriana to deliver Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael so he can stand trial before the council. Or to agree to a meeting between King Roderick Withmond & Count Vivan De Augassi and The Grand Council of Princes. This meeting will be led by the mediator which is currently known as our former Therri'cill and incumbent Ar’mágoi’cilus, Aldir'tor Zaithrall, friend to both the Kingdom of Hadriana and The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion.

Mirr Aerièlle thi aeri ller Hillith ann Cillitil
May Aerièlle the mother give Health and Purity

Signed by:
Prince Eldrin Faerondaerl
Therri'lunar Fynenar Aey'flir
The citizens of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
*As word of the Elven power shifts reaches across the nations of Eden Lord Arnoud would be notified by a messenger* "The inability to respect the mere notion of our worship to the true Maker has yet confined the enclave to true isolationism. *Arnoud would twirl his moustache trying to make sense of the sudden shift in Eden's geopolitics* "Perhaps there is more to this we do not yet understand, I must see to grasp the full magnitude of this situation by speaking to the exiled King and the Princes seperately."