Player Announcement Mezzage to da Tree-Panziez


[!] An old, tattered piece of paper with an equally hideous drawing, which is likely supposed to be a logo, hangs on the gate to Mitrona [!]


We, de Ztabbin' Ztabberz, got somedin' to tell de defeated panziez. Ya want yer uzeles bow back? Go ahead an' try to find it! We hid dat ding somewhere in yer ztinkin' forest. If ya don't, yer beloved stick will be ztripped to de bone by wormz an' beastz. We alzo thank yu panziez for tha bountie, meanz more sztinkie treehoppaz for uz to shoot. Häähäää! Why are ya writin' dis down? Ztop it, ya fool...

[!] At the end of the line, there’s a long mark suggesting someone didn't give up the pen willingly [!]


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Rubbing his head after getting a good beating from Spoonlickah for messing up the paper, Zneeze grumbled, "Why alwayz me? I did exactly what he wanted, dat ztinkin', zlobberin', spoon-lickin' buffoon!" His eyes narrowed as he remembered Spoonlickah's furious face, all scrunched up like a constipated goblin. "Dat overgrown wart-face, alwayz blamin' me for everythin'," Zneeze muttered, kicking a rock. "I zwear, if hiz brain waz az big az hiz ego, he'd be dangerouz. Inztead, he'z juzt a droolin' nincompoop." Still fuming with rage, Zneeze stomped off into the forest. "I'll zhow 'em," he muttered to himself. "I'll do zomethin' zo ztupid, dey'll all be talkin' 'bout it for weekz. Dat Spoonlickah won't know what hit 'im. Maybe I'll cover hiz tent in troll dung or zet looze a bunch o' zkunkz in de camp."
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