Nation Announcement Mitrona Church



Mi, the Khari es Ar'baor usher in a new age in the Mitronian Church as
a reformation has commenced.
There are new beliefs, and we strive for more religious freedom inside our Forest.
Kharash has been our only God for a long time and we are his children.
He tested us on the skill of survival, strength and honor.
But in times, people need wisdom and love.
Mother worship is now respected to the fullest,
being part of our Church and seen as equal to our dearest Father.
Being able to freely worship both the Father and the Mother in our lands is an advantage
in our eyes and it will lead to a prosperous new era for the Mitronian Church.
As the father and Mother love each other,
you will all have to love each other,
an important message that is now a general idea inside the Church.
I will give my right hand Feaey'ill the task to keep this religious freedom
and solve any potential quarrels.
As our beloved Pantheon has existed for a long time,
many variations of it have branched off.
We like to welcome all that split off from the Church
long ago and continue their religions inside our walls.
All the families of feaeism are welcome in the
Church as we will begin honoring the spirits of nature more.


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