Player Announcement Mitrona White Coat Ceremonies announcement

Mitronan Medical

Vale Mitrona! As many of you know we recently had some ceremonies for Medi’cilus’s who earned their white coats.
This is for those who didn’t get an official ceremony and for those who didn’t see the ceremony. It will include names and reasons why someone got their white coat. A white cost is an achievement that I strive for many medi’cilus to earn!

Aethrim Nevarel: You we’re one of my first trainees. You took basic information and used it on advanced practices. You were there during my policy changes and during many other challenges of Mitronas Healthcare.

Shalia Torhanna: You passed the tests I gave. You were there when many were injured and we needed help. You have helped many in mitrona already even after only working for 3 months and I’m sure more patients to come!

Ekarus Grace: You were there during policy changes as well. You have helped many in mitrona and even have the experience to continue helping many in mitrona. You’re a great burn specialist!

Nyix Xionidae: The first government paid therapist. You have already helped regain mental health in mitrona. You have helped many even when you doubt you can!

These are all the recipients of the white coat. They have earned them well and have stuck to their oaths even if their lives were on the line. I don’t know what mitrona would do without any of these amazing people. May the health of Mitrona continue to prosper and grow and may Kharash and the Spirits guide our work and bring back peoples quality of lives!

Head Medi’cilus, Max Brewman