MSL News || hiring and advertisements


Parchments would be placed in Mitrona and Salus Limin:



MSL news (Mitrona, Salus Limin) is hiring!
As an employee, you will interact with citizens of the two cities to gather information for the weekly newspaper.
Here are the criteria:
- Citizen of either Mitrona or Salus Limin (Negotiable)
- Interact with at least staff members per month, preferably with citizen to have information to put in the news

I am also now accepting business to request advertisements to be put into the newspaper!
- Have a business which is either in Mitrona or Salus Limin
-The business must not be owned by the nation for example the library

10 Andros per advertisement per newspaper

To apply, please find staff members at the office in Salus Limin or in the two cities.

Dm FatBoy#6034 for further information