Player Announcement -= My Final Apology | A Letter of Resignation =-

[!] A notice was pinned to Mitrona's message board. A second copy was tacked to a column outside Mythanthar's bedroom door. A small pile of further copies were placed at the base of the message board, weighed down with a stone. Intended to be passed around to spread the word. [!]

Official Notice of the Resignation of High Councilor Aethrim Nevarel-Xaphan
Sunday, 15.06.1532, Eden's Shine

To the people of Mitrona. To my friends, my family, my colleagues, my coworkers, and to the people I have worked along side. But most importantly to my Khari'cerr,
I have failed you.

My goal upon claiming this seat on the High Council was to bring about a new era of peace for Mitrona. To rid Eden of the harsh rumors of the nation I love, and to mend any damaged bonds between us and the rest of the continent. Ever since becoming a Councilor, that is what I believed I was doing. Recently, however, it has become glaringly apparent that I have done anything but. For that, I have decided it is time to hang up my sword. To admit defeat before defeat must be proven.

As High Councilor I have done little aside from damage Mitrona's national relations further. I have created conflicts where none needed to exist. I have ruined trust between leaders, and trust between friends. I have brought violence to people I care for, and incurred violence in return. I understand that no amount of apologies will amend for the many mistakes I have made from my pedestal, and there is little I can do to atone for my rampant betrayals of trust.

This letter will be my final act as a High Councilor of Mitrona. That act being my resignation. I no longer wish to wield political influence that I cannot use responsibly. I no longer wish to put myself and my family at risk to do what I believe is right. At the end of it all, it has only brought me anguish and brought Eden unnecessary bloodshed. I wish for both to end as much as I may end them, and the only path I see to such an end is stepping down.

From the moment this notice is published on, I am no longer Aethrim Nevarel-Xaphan of Mitrona's High Council. I am simply Aethrim. A librarian, a doctor, and a mother. I wish to put my sins behind me and lead a quiet life again, as I had before I took up the responsibility to begin with.

For the few chances I had to make a difference in my homeland, I will be ever grateful.

With love in my heart and regret in my pen, one final time.
- Aethrim Nevarel-Xaphan

Axilya would glance over the letter with a sigh shaking her head to herself "I see." she signed to herself before leaving fidgetting with her gloves
Spying from the window behind which Aethrim wrote the notice, Elduin frowned from behind the mask that now covers his face.

"A shame, but do what needs to be done for yourself, filo." Elduin thought to say but shook his head.

He leaves a loaf of fresh bread wrapped in a small cloth near the window for Aethrim, beginning to depart as he dextrously jumps from rooftop to rooftop until he is out of sight.
Thalgrim Would Notice the message as he grabbed a copy of the paper flying by.. he would take it back to a cave as he would read it whit his dwarven stout in his hand....

Admitting Defeat huh.... "As Thalgrim would Laugh reading the message" you already have set a bounty on your head the moment you decided to put the voidal mages in the spotlight... but your sins will follow you around until eternity.. and we will stop at nothing until we get your head

Thalgrim Would keep drinking his Dwarven stout as he finished it placing it down next to his chair.... Reaping more souls each day passing by...
Aiswyth was casually cleaning the castle as part of her job. She went to clean Mythanthar’s room and noticed the letter. She clicked her tongue, recalling the tense, brief interaction some hours prior. She sighed

“How troubling- no more council members.. perhaps- I should speak to Myth..”

She hummed to herself.

She ensured the letter was back in it’s place before continuing to clean.
Sinbad glances at the poster he had been given "Stepping down, hm?" He let's out a chuckle and throws the poster to the river