Player Announcement New 'Cerr At The Helm


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A notice would be hung across the arbors notice boards, edged with painted ivy and a red cross at the top of the sheet, in the middle.

Vale, fellow children of the Arbor,

I would like to reintroduce myself to those who know me. To those who don't, Vale, I am the new
Head Medi'cilus Elmyra Pineblossom. I have spent years learning medicine under the late Khari'cerrs guidance and I am committed to continuing her legacy and ensuring our community stays healthy and safe.

Coming into this position, I would like to point out the lack of proper healthcare facilities around the Arbor, as the only one standing at the moment is in the Mitrona capital. I implore the Tericyeeeses to invest in some, as it could be a better of life and death to some.

As it stands, we lack helpful, expect and licensed staff. So, this is an invitation out to everyone and anyone willing to learn and be officially licensed, or to anyone with medical experience, we could use your hands. Your help will make a huge difference.

Let's work together to keep Mitrona healthy and strong.

Mirr Kharash vobis’taphu.


Elmyra Pineblossom
Head Medi'cilus
*A response is pinned*

"I renew my commitment to help heal the injured when I can. Congratulations on your ascension to the title"
Faroz groans as he falls out of a tree, hitting the ground with a thud. As he stands up from the displaced soil, he looks at the new post. He quickly writes a small reply to the article. “I’d be happy to help. Mitrona needs more doctors. Where’s the dotted line?”