Player Announcement No provocation with impunity


He from beyond
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[!] After the provocations from The House of Larethael had spread through the city of Luminion, this message would find its way into Aerial, Aestarius & Luminion

After a long and troubling time, the former Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael has returned home to Luminion, taking his following back home with him where they belong, in elven lands. Not human lands. I take great pride in the fact that the citizens of Luminion who chose to stay, whether it be out of religious or personal beliefs, portrayed a respectful attitude towards Pricecilus Thalanil Larethael. They are true examples that if one party shows respect, that the other should answer that request in an appropriate way.
It is however incredibly regrettable that I was met with slights shortly after expressing my gratitude towards Pricecilus Thalanil's choice to return under friendly and peaceful terms. Terms we have always desired over outcomes that could lead to unnecessary bloodshed and slaughter of our own kin...

Regrettably, Pricecilus Thalanil has chosen to take a hostile attitude towards me and seeks to defame me where it appears to be possible. This unfortunate decision is one I am truly saddened about. It is a decision that I hope to see resolved respectfully, professionally, and diplomatically. It is however so that Pricecilicus Thalanil rushes to the part of the story where I begin to lace my tongue with venom without going into the details.
We must not forget that Pricecilus Thalanil had only just returned from his self-proclaimed exile after evading and ignoring an order of house arrest to await trial on grounds of which he stands accused. This deed has already been declared disappointing and heartbreaking, and one we shall not discuss any further in this part of the letter. I do however believe that the accusations Pricecilus Thalanil has made deserve an explanation and/or further context, as certain sentences and actions are taken out of context to the benefit of a Pricecilus who already stands accused of impurity and is to appear before the court.

  • Pricecilus Thalanil accuses me of leading an attempted coup d'etat against his government and being. This claim is an assumption made by the Pricecilus due to the idea that I would have a hostile attitude towards the now-former Therri'cill. It is truly regrettable that the claim is made by the person who I always had been able to call 'friend'. The Pricecilus was found guilty on the grounds of Article 5 of the Fundamental Cillari Law which I shall recite once again: 'The citizens of The Mother's blessed city will not tolerate any attempts at the conversion of the Azari'cill to heretical or otherwise impure beliefs. To attempt to let an Azari'cill stray from the path of The Mother is to assault the mental purity of the Azari'cill themselves. No preachers or missionaries will be permitted to spread their false ideals or beliefs within the Mother's Blessed city.' As is evident from my actions and those of the citizens and government officials who were present during the confrontation and initial arrest of Pricecilus Thalanil, I followed the law that required me and the Ministry which I faithfully serve and guide not to tolerate such actions against The Mother's Blessed city. After Pricecilus Thalanil yielded and allowed us to take him into custody we placed him under house arrest, which is in accordance with the Code of Respect we have in effect for citizens of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion of the noble bloodlines of which Pricecilus Thalanil is a member.

  • The statement that I would be conducting research into 'Hemomancy' is only one of the few factually correct things which Pricecilus Thalanil has put on paper so far. With the ongoing mysterious murders and oddities which are happening in the lands of our Azari'cerr friends of Mitrona and that of Pricecilus Thalanl's cohorts of the Vari nation of Hadriana, a task force was set up as a result of a joint agreement between the Azari'cerr and Azari'cill to investigate, research and solve the problem at hand. A task which my companions and I have been carrying out dutifully and faithfully. And I feel compelled to say that I am very, very proud of those who are contributing to the research we have been doing, whether it be Vari, Azari, or other species which inhabit Eden. I have been studying magic for the majority of my life, as a part of my goal which is to reach a universal understanding of the properties of the world we live in, whether that be coin or the fiercest forms of magic which flow through the veins of Eden. At the moment where you truly understand your opponent, understand them well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment there shall be this wicked feeling of love. And when that wicked moment arrive, where you feel that love them... you wipe them out root and stem. That is what needs to happen to voidal magic in this world, it is to be wiped out root and stem, but in order to do so, we must dare to understand it, to know how it navigates through the Eden and what lies beyond. My research has always gone into incredible detail, with no stone left unturned nothing shall stand a chance against the inevitable purifying purge everything shall face one day.

  • It is rather unfortunate that Pricecilus Thalanil quotes my words out of context to make me look like a daemon of Lilith. This action of defamation is one that hurts me deeply, especially because my words were spoken with other intent than they are displayed nowadays. I have indeed said to Pricecilus Thalanil that I shall stop at nothing, but what he forgets to leave out that it was a statement on my drive to correct all which does not fit in The Mother's light. With the given context I fully support what I have said, but refuse to acknowledge the context in which my words were put. To touch on the other matter which is touched upon. It is factually incorrect that I have ever participated in torture. That I have blood on my hands however is something I will not deny, but to say that it is the blood of people undeserving of such a thing? No. I have the blood of heathens and pagans on my hands, blood which would be spilled in any corner of the world given almost none of the established, sovereign nations enjoy a feat called 'Religious Freedom' or the necessary tolerance for other religions to be practiced within the walls of their cities. A feat, however, I think should not ever be adopted in order to preserve the cultural identity and theologic truth of our being, as only The Mother is true.

  • The deprivation of 'one of our most vital forms of defense' is a statement that I do not fully understand. Whereas to my knowledge mages do enjoy more comfort and power through the items they've obtained once deemed worthy enough, I do understand that there are more ways to call forth the necessary energy. I also understand that when one of these items is no longer usable, that another can be obtained. If Pricecilus Thalanil truly believes that his spellcraft is one of our most vital forms of defense, I am more than sure that he shall have no issue obtaining another item that shall make this possible again. But as to why it supposedly ended up in my hands is because Pricecilus Thalanil chose to abandon it when he chose to flee Luminion and abandon his people. There was no need for Pricecilus Thalanil to flee the city, as he would not have spent his days till the trial in abhorred conditions or anything of the like. Pricecilus Thalanil enjoyed and profited from his privilege to be contained to his own personal residence till said trial would take place. His lifestyle would not have changed, he would've been able to enjoy the fresh air of his garden and be at peace till summoned. Yet he chose to flee, an unnecessary and reckless action that almost plunged our nation into war and would've invited Hadrian influence at our most luminous and enlightened court. An action that is simply insufferable and deserving of nothing but cowardly shame.

To preach that I would lie to the people of our nation about the grounds on which the arrest has taken place is a thing I truly despise. It is out there for all who desire to see that Pricecilus Thalanil acknowledges a god from a pantheon, not of our own. An act that should not be tolerated according to law, and never should be. I simply refuse to believe that a true Therri'cill, crowned and blessed in the light of The Mother, is an entity in our government and culture that would acknowledge another god or pantheon. Neither do I refuse to believe that even a Therri'cill stands above the law, and should be pardoned for such an act of blasphemy and heresy. I also must say that it is shocking and outrageous that he explicitly invites a Vari into business which is of Azari('cill) concern.

I wholeheartedly accept Pricecilus Thalanil's challenge, and I too invite those who:
  • Stood by the actions undertaken to preserve the status, reputation, and integrity of our law and pantheon
  • Believe that Pricecilus Thalalil should once more be arrested for his crime and brought before council and court to be judged for his crimes in The Mother's light.

Pricecilus & Visera Eldrin Faerondaerl
*As word of the trial of the century spread across Eden Lord Arnoud set on top of a terras in recently conquered Prezza chatting with foreign traders about the situation* "No matter who wins this trial, I forsee this will cause yet another tear in Luminion" *He leaned back smoking looted halfling pipeweed he found and sipping Melon Liquor*