Nation Announcement -=*Official Banishment of Krisa Amadeus*=-

[!] Copies of a flyer were posted on notice boards in each nation. [!]


Declaration of the Banishment of Krisa Amadeus
The Amber Dawn

Greetings to all good people of Eden. It is with great disappointment that I announce the banishment of Krisa Amadeus from the Mystical Empire of Mitrona.
For longer than I have been a citizen of this nation, let alone held a seat on its council, Krisa Amadeus and the faulskin of Zadh Nadrozz have been welcomed onto our soil with open arms. They have come and gone as they pleased, and were greeted with a friendly smile each time. Recently, however, the nature of our relations has changed.

Three weeks ago, a band of orcs reportedly helmed by Krisa entered the walls of Mitrona illegally. They kidnapped two of our citizens, Aiswyth and Tom Braxley, and fled from our land before they could be apprehended. They were forced to work and treated like animals for the Orc's enjoyment. They mistreated our people, and they betrayed our trust.
Last night, Krisa was spotted inside
Mitrona once again. He was inside the home of one of the 'cerr he victimized, intoxicated. Before he could be arrested for trespassing, he fled to the forest with his tail between his legs like a puppy. This lawlessness will no longer be tolerated.

For these egregious slights against our nation, and in the interest of nipping this behavior in the bud before it has a chance to fester:
> Krisa Amadeus is officially banished from Mitrona. <
> All citizens of Zadh Nadrozz are temporarily banished from
Mitrona. <
> Any known citizens of Zadh Nadross seen on
Mitrona's soil will be met with an arrow through their heart. <

Let this statement stand as an example to those with ill intentions.
The hand of
Kharash will grip the throats of those who wish harm to Mitrona.

Glory to thy Mystical Empire.

- Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr
- High councilor Aethrim Nevarel
- High councilor Axilya Xyrzana

Dain would read the notice board with a smile on his face thats my old man krisa he would cross his arms the azari'cerr deserved such a treatment he would grin after all they have always been used as the puppet of Luminion so whats the difference
Caligo stopped on his trek to read the flyer someone had pinned to a signpost. So Krisa was banished from Mitrona...and so were any citizens of Zadh Nadrozz.
He wasn't quite sure how to feel.
Part of him was relieved, hoping that this would help bring an end to the conflict that had plagued the back of his mind for weeks now. But the other part of him kept hovering on the conditions directly below Krisa's ban.
'All citizens of Zadh Nadrozz are temporarily banished from Mitrona.'
'Any known citizens of Zadh Nadrozz seen on Mitrona's soil will be met with an arrow through their heart.'

He shoved down the self-indulgent feeling of being a kicked puppy, and did the same with the wave of guilt that came as he read the signatures at the flyer's bottom. This was no time for getting lost in his own emotions, he needed to do something. This behavior, it wasn't like the Krisa he knew, the Krisa that had showed him kindness and given him a place to call home when no one else would.
Something was wrong.
Caligo felt something brush against his leg. He looked down to see Pomme had stopped next to him, and was looking at him with wide eyes. He gave her a slow blink, letting her know everything was alright. She returned the blink and kept walking, her little nub of a tail sticking straight up as she went. Caligo smiled at the sight and returned to his trek. Nyix had already lost his line of sight, after all, and they needed to keep up the pace if they wanted to reach Luminion before midday.