Nation Announcement On the Transitional Period | 26 of Firstseed, 1547


A rather large parchment is nailed front and center on all announcement boards within Anjyarr. Volunteers would be standing near the corners of busy streets and the square reading the message aloud to all who pass. None within the nation would fail to hear the words if they walked the streets of Al-Jabrid or Al-Khadir.


To the people of Anjyarr,

For the next quarter, Anjyarr will be holding a perpetual citizen’s council. Which is to say, any and all complaints, concerns, suggestions, and proposals held by the citizens of Anjyarr will be heard and accounted for.

All anonymous comments can be forwarded to Esebius at the palace’s aviary, the grand library of Anjyarr, or Esebius’ home at Gateway 7. Any direct comments can be offered to Esebius during the morning to afternoon at Al-Khadir’s Amphitheater or at the evening time in the Al-Khadir Palace.

On the matter of aiding the transitional government during these times. Do set an appointment with Esebius by mail so that you might be afforded the adequate information for available positions. A further listing will be provided in the coming days.

If you wish to sign up for the ad-hoc militia aiding in the struggle against the Bone Lord, please send a letter to Esebius so he can set up a meeting with you.

Also, if you feel that others should be taking leadership positions within the transitional government, please offer their names so we may offer them respective positions. The matter of transition is truthfully a delegation of work, as minimal power will be exercised during this transitional period. All that is important now is the safety and security of the citizens of Anjyarr and a peaceful transition from one political structure to the next.

We implore any and all citizens and prospective citizens of Anjyarr to commit to the future of Anjyarr. Change was and is possible through the will of the people.

Lastly, the first set of policies will be delivered in a week’s time. Within the bounds of the transitional government, these policies will serve as guidelines until the proper formalization of the new Anjyarri legal codes.

Through the will of the people,


On a far-flung volcanic island, a scarred Dark Elf lays in meditation beneath a flaming tower. As a miniature flaming phoenix brings him this message, he simply rolls his eyes and breathes a sigh of relief. His cruel eyes flicker like fissures of magma as he shakes his head.
"So then, 'Sultana', you didn't have the guts to bloody your hands to protect your 'beloved' Anjyarr. Instead you did what you've always done, hide away and hope the truth blows past you on a hot desert wind. I'm disappointed you're not put in the ground, but at least now you've answered for all the damage you've caused to our people."

"...I really wish I had someone to say this to..."

He sets the paper down and begins to look out towards the ocean in reminiscence of his friend whose suffering is now avenged.