Nation Announcement Open Answer to an Open question


Gamemaster Team
[!] The reply would be delivered towards the Hadrian Palace bearing an Orange and Blue Seal [!]


[!] Copies of the diplomacy, with a copy of the premier Hadrian letter found here: [!]
[!] would be send to the governments of Mitrona, Avalheim, the Denur Council, Luminion, Anjyarr and Zadh Nadrozz [!]


Back when the Attian Empire was at its peak, the Hinterlands were an independent nation. This lasted for well over a thousand years and the spirit of freedom still lives in every single citizen. The Republic has grown to more than just humans of the Hinterlands, people and races of all Eden group here to live independently and free. It is true that in the past both Hinterlanders and Attians have served and fought together. And it is the intention of the Republic that the peace that has existed between our nations be continued and expanded upon.

Hadriana's sudden interest in Raevendrechts internal affairs is touching, but factually incorrect. Raevendrecht elects its government and citizen participation in statescraft is encouraged. Even the people that have put forward themselves to lead and not won by majority participate in steering the future of the republic with the candidates that did win. If you have anymore interesting claims on how we run our nation, we are happy to receive your highness and have you read our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The citizens and then by definition the Republic of Raevendrecht have decided to not be annexed by any other nation. The Republic is always open to trade, diplomacy and cooperation. However the Republic of Raevendrecht is a fact, Hadriana has to learn to live with that.

We are a sovereign nation that has forged its own destiny and has the rights and determination to live freely and on its own accord.

As we previously wrote, we do not wish enmity and we are open to cooperation and trade. There are many outside threats and, despite messages like the one we are responding to now, we are still trying to find peace and friendship. A good relationship built over time on respect and understanding. Therefore we would propose that instead of sending letters across the river Venen, that we might trade across it to the mutual benefit of both our peoples.

For now any talk of unity combined with all past diplomacy has a sour taste. Therefore it is in both our peoples benefit to come together, not as one, but as friends. Hencewhy your diplomats are invited to engage in talks to discuss the relations between our nations. To look towards a future, where our people can co-exist and help each other. A future of non-agression and a future of goodwill. However if the Empire of Hadriana decides to turn into an agressor, and deny our sovereignty the Republic of Raevendrecht will be forced to defend itself from any and all threats.

Diplomats and ambassadors will always be welcome and we wish our talks through them instead of letters.

Silas van Leuveren, Citizen and Stadthouder
Jinx van der Bijlkrijger, Citizen and Elected Grand Pensionary
Dain Zakarian, Citizen and Leader of the Opposition
Saarin Cyaegha, Citizen and Headmaster of the Free Academy