Event Announcement ORDER WILL REIGN


Thiudan of Eisarnknoth




In the year of our Ruler, ALDER HIMMERSCHWERT, 1532, The Duchy of Finsterschen shall hold the most glorious coronation for their Herzog, Aleksandra Salier. The people of Eden are invited far and wide to attend this most astonishing and breathtaking custom. The coronation will be ritualistic, pertaining to the ways of Alder Himself. All are welcome within Finsterschen’s halls, as no person, from orc to human, should be denied Alder’s guidance and love. We ask that if two warring countries decide to attend, that they may not fight and instead bask in Alder’s light, as He would say “to create, not to destroy.” May Alder bless your souls as Eden pushes through the darkness and voidal abomination that is Lilith, as we garner hope for a brighter future within Alder’s radiance.

The coronation will be held on [Sunday the 23rd at 2pm EST].