Nation Announcement Orders from The Ministry of National Security


He from beyond
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This is an official message from The Ministry of National Security

Due to the most bothersome news that the Kingdom of Hadriana has declared war on our western neighbors, it has been decided that the interests of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion shall be safeguarded by sending a military envoy of undetermined size to Mezzo Imperio Romano to ensure the safety of our embassy.

To ensure the safety of our troops a Total Exclusion Zone has been declared around the embassy. This Total Exclusion Zone shall have a range of 30 meters/blocks in diameter around said site including an additional 50 meters/blocks north, south and east. Any creature which is not a sovereign (native) citizen with proper identification (who are not of Hadrian nationality), a citizen of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion, or an official ally of the state will be fired upon or removed by force if they find themselves in the Total Exclusion Zone. Any nation which enters the Total Exclusion Zone will be seen as hostile and attacking party.

Hadrian merchants will be embargoed by the state for as long as the war rages on and are thus unable to reach Luminion, Aerial & Mitrona to sell their goods.

The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion strongly condemns the choice of The Kingdom of Hadriana to take up arms against their eastern neighbors. The ministry and her government hope that this warning shall be enough to draw the two parties to the table under a white flag and sign a white peace.


His Luminous Majesty, Thalanil Larethael
Minister of Economy and Finances & National Security, Eldrin Faerondaerl
Captain of the Lunar Guard, Fynenar Aey'flir

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