Nation Announcement Ousting of a Hemomancer

He seemed to look onto the paper again. . Spotting some stuff he missed. . "Weilding Ichor from the party? Bullshit! I pulled blood from my own tear and sent needles towards the demon. . I thought their magical piercing would go trough his ice defence." He spoke, growing almost annoyed as he sighed." Sometimes people are just given too much. . And need to be taken more to gain respect over those that give even if they shouldnt. "He stopped talking, ending in an annoyed tone as he walked off."
The red Tiefling was late to the news as always, perhaps a few months late. Gazing at the paper longingly, Elrinesh would only let out a small snicker, holding a small bottle of Alcohol in her hand - the Blood-Red being took a sip, with only a grin on her face - she'd start to mutter. "Someone should've died." rolling her eyes, She'd swiftly fix her posture adding another comment. "It's either gonna be these people.. or that demon." She shrugged and walked off.
A young attian woman walks along the streets of Norburen on her usual morning walk, her steps are heavy and her mind wanders off to faraway topics. She then notices a new notice on the noticeboard, and after reading it, she raises her eyebrow and says:
"So that high elf really was a voidal mage! And to think, I kissed him..."
She then shrugs and says:
"Eh, was enjoyable while it lasted. I hope you die without pain, Fenrir."
She then continues on her walk and thinks nothing more of it, since her relationship with Fenrir had been not much more than a shallow pleasure.