Nation Announcement Postponing festivities and Royal Decree.


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Postponing Festivities and Royal Decree


To all readers, due to the escalating situation in The Kingdom of Hadriana, all festivities planned
for the grand opening of the Colleges of Magic have been postponed until further notice.
One can still come to Luminion to register to the college, but the tourney has been canceled.

On top of that, all Hadrian citizens living in Luminion or Aerial will have to register at the civil office run by
Fynenar Aey'flir for permission to stay within the cities. Any unregistered Hadrian citizens will be evicted
from their homes and their access to the cities will be revoked.

The Hadrian embassy will also be closed until the civil war situation has been resolved.
Any Hadrian nobles who wish to speak to the Therri'cill may send letters before showing up.
If a noble comes to Luminion unannounced, they will be taken into custody.

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Therri'cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall