Proper Spar Etiquette


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[!] Posters had been posted across the colonies. Now, a new addition to the public library for all to read. It read the following:
[Accessible to everyone.]

When sparring, it is preferred to be in the pit. The pit in the main colony, Mitrona, is far more than a leveled ditch. It represents the heart of The Woodland Realm. When an opponent is asked to spar, it is inadvertently showing true pride in your nation. Not only are you showing one's true force to the Forest, but to the Khari’cerr and those close around you.

It is key to keep a good attitude in the pit, even if you are downed. For ‘Cerr, losing is not an option. However, this does not mean you cannot be courteous to the Medi’cilus in the nation that serves just as strictly as the Warriors. Now with this revelation to the public, the following rules will be heavily enforced by the High Council and Warriors of Mitrona,

1. Blunted arrows and swords, and weapons in general, will be used in the pit. Unless instructed by the Khari’cerr, this will be heavily enforced.
2. When doing best out of three spars, or any spar round that is greater than one, you must have at least one Medic around to check the overall condition of said person. A medic, or mage that can heal will suffice.
3. A spar will never be done outside of the pit unless it stands dire.
4. When a spar commences in the pit, you are to not do it out of hatred towards one another.
5. Spars should initiate to gauge each other's strengths, settle your differences, or for recreational purposes such as training or hobbies.

If said etiquette is not followed and one chooses to disrespect the ways of the nation and Forest, consequences will follow through and said delinquent will be banished from spars for an extended period. The first offense will be one month, then six months, then a year. After the three warnings, the High Council will decide on a greater punishment.

Khari'cerr, N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere
*Amari glances at these rules*

"Blunt weapons? Pit only? Guess I'll spar outside the forest for now on."

She mumbles heading off to do chores she has been given by her Aeri as punishment for her recent behavior.