Raiding Rules

Raiding Rules

Welcome to the Raiding Rules!
The goal of this document is to explain the game rules that must be applied during raids (defined below).
If you have any questions, please talk to our staff team.​

Chapter I. General Rules

  1. Raids are attacks on a nation/settlement or claim that is carried out by a group of players.
  2. Raiders can only raid a target that has at least two people in its activity region.
    - To see what targets are eligible for a raid, use the command /activity to get an overview as seen below.
  3. Raiders must be tied to a nation, settlement, or claim and raids must be approved by a Region Leader of the raiding party’s origin.
  4. Before a raid may commence, the raiders have to inform the staff team through a [request modteam] message.
    Format: (run this command in-game)
    /requeststaff modteam Requesting raid: (time); (amount of raiders); (target); (reason)

    After a spectating moderator is present to moderate the raid event and they give a go, the raid may happen.

  5. There always has to be a valid reason for a raid to commence. Raiding just to murder everyone in a town is not seen as valid. Examples of valid reasons are: assassinations, rescuing missions, sabotage missions, and heists.
  6. Before the battle begins, both parties get some space to RP before the battle begins. It is expected of a raiding group that they announce their presence in RP before they enter the PvP phase. The PvP phase of the battle may begin after 10 minutes since they announced their presence. After the PvP part of the raid begins, raiders get at most 30 minutes to achieve their goal.
  7. After the 30 minutes have passed, it is expected of the raiders to retreat. If this is not possible because they’re pinned down, the raid moderation can extend the raid PVP time by another 30 minutes. If the raiders' goal is not achieved after these next 30 minutes or they are still not able to retreat, they are considered captured by the defending forces.

Chapter II. Peacetime Raids

  1. A raid does not have to target a settlement or fortification, it can also mean an ambush or skirmish on the roads of the target territory tile.
  2. The raid target determines the maximum size of the raid.

    Claim: 4
    Settlement: 8
    Nation Settlement: 10
    Nation Capital: 12

  3. After a raid happens, there is a cooldown placed on the target. Only after this cooldown is over, can the target be raided again.

    Raid on a claim: 48 hours cooldown.
    Raid on a settlement: 36 hours cooldown.
    Raid on a nation settlement: 36 hours cooldown.
    Raid on a nation capital: 24 hours cooldown.
    Rescuing raids may ignore all cooldowns.

  4. The defender can call in reinforcements by OOC means (e.g. Discord) only after they use their town bell. The town bell is defined as a Minecraft Bell block, with a sign next to it explaining its purpose. The sign must contain the following:

    [ emote 3 ]
    [ times to ]
    [ interact ]

    After a player emotes three times next to the town bell, performing the action of actually ringing the bell, they must make a screenshot of the emotes with the bell in the background and post that in a public channel in their Discord. Only then may offline players be called upon without it being considered metagaming.

  5. If it is noticed that a raiding group keeps targeting the same claim, settlement or nation right after the cooldown expires without good reason, they will be punished.

Chapter III. Wartime Raids

  1. All previously mentioned raiding rules still apply during wartime. All changes to raiding during a war will be listed below and override the peacetime rules if the two parties are at war with one another.
  2. Max raid sizes are increased during wartime. The new maximum sizes are as follows:

    Claim: 6
    Settlement: 10
    Nation Settlement: 12
    Nation Capital: 15

  3. Raid cooldowns can never be longer than 48 hours during wartime.
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