Player Announcement Reestablishing Safety


[!] The letter, beautifully enveloped and provided with the royal Mitronian Seal, was delivered to Fynenar Aey'flir directly.


Fynenar Aey'flir, Silver Cloak, Diplomat es thi Silver City.
Mi receive dur letter irr agony, as mi in left vobis thi shambles es mi kin's mystical Empire. Thi 'cerr a'vi seen one es thi worst declines irr history, mi cirétt'tar able ce reach out irr any way.
Though mi welcome dur approach as o helping hand irr these times es suffering.

O meeting vobis oré 'cill brethren is unconditionally necessary for the Prosperity es thi 'cerr peoples.
If possible, o meeting during thi next weeks would suffice.

Even now mi cann assure du thi 'cerr kin stand by thi side es thirri white brothers ann sisters.

Many issues, known ce man before oré downfall, persist and require consultance.

Irr hope es o quick solution ce oré problems,
Khari'cerr Hesperas Andut