Nation Announcement Regarding Heresy | Harvestday 10, Edensrest 1525


Sultan of Anjyarr, Arch-Pyromancer
[!] A formal letter would be nailed to notice boards within the Empire of Anjyarr as well as within the Hadrian Empire



Regarding heretical activities within the empire

To whom it may concern,

It has come to the Sultan's attention that heretical activity has been spreading through the empire. This movement, headed by former Sahib-Bey Sir Gyrath Kot-Totzesh, has caused our realm significant damage. Both domestic and international. The High Council has received complaints from the Holy Alliance of Hadriana, regarding the recent statement published by Sir Gyrath Kot-Totzesh and how this has damaged their reputation.

As so, article 6 of the Imperial law comes into play. Sir Gyrath Kot-Totzesh will be stripped of his citizenship, declaring him an outlaw.
In addition, Sir Gyrath Kot-Totzesh will also be charged with a fine of 1.500 andros.
After this fine has been paid, the international community is free to do with him as he pleases.

Any heretical material is to be handed over to local law enforcement. Examples of these people would be:

Emira Zoe Nobara of Al-Jabrid
Ghazi Ali Al-Nashralla
of Al-Khadir

Acts of heresy against either Iʂik or the Cult of Fineall or behaviour that damages our international reputation will not be tolerated.

The High Council of the Empire of Anjyarr



Sultan Sig'Vyl Al-Buthara
Gyrath was staring at the notice on the noticeboard "Well this was to be expected, too bad" he would sigh "I hope some people have opened their eyes, anyway I will just gather my stuff and escape this place" he would look up in the sky "I will keep on moving, it is too early to give up!" a guard would turn around a corner and Gyrath dissapeared