Nation Announcement Regarding Spars


*This notice would be spread about the Arbor, and posted nearby the pit for all to see.*

Sunday 7, Newdawn, 1548
Lilith's Veil

To all citizen's and outsiders within Myln'abor, due to the high stress on our Medi'cilus as of recent; a new mandate is being ordered for spars within Mitrona. From here on out people sparring within the pits shall use blunt arrows, and dulled, or wrapped weapons. Any injuries sustained within the pit are to be handled by those participating within the fights. With the heightened attacks by voidal mages and sympathizers, and recent struggles with the goblins, our Medi'cilus attention should be focused on serious life threatening injuries. To reiterate, like bell rings, Medi'cilus calls are for serious injuries only - not the careless cuts and arrows of an unhinged spar. We are 'Cerr we should in the very least know how to lick our own wounds.

High Councilor, Apollon Lovell